Corporate Governance

Internal Audit makes sure the business is well-controlled across the board, providing an independent view on the appropriate identification and mitigation of risks across all categories. The work of Internal Audit provides assurance to the business that risks are adequately controlled and that governance processes are suitably robust. Along with this, Internal Audit are charged with identifying areas of added value that can improve the business.

Working in this team requires a systematic, disciplined and professional approach. Coverage is broad, involving audits of key risk areas, operations and associated application systems across the Group and key subsidiaries.  Because any risks identified need to be effectively reported and managed, the team require excellent written and verbal communication skills, and the ability to build strong working relationships with Senior Executives, the Audit Committee and Management of all levels.

If you're interested in Audit roles at Admiral please feel free to contact us, even if we aren't currently advertising any vacancies. You can do this by emailing your CV and cover letter to us at