Inside Admiral

Maurizio chats to us about his experience of joining the Admiral Group as a BDM in ConTe

Introduction: Maurizio

Educational background: MBA at INSEAD

Prior background to ConTe: Telecommunications (Vodafone)

ConTe career: joined as a BDM in Italy in 2017

How were you first introduced to ConTe?

Admiral recruits at INSEAD every year, it is the biggest start-up founded by INSEAD alumni. I was aware of Admiral but didn’t know much about ConTe before I was introduced to this branch.

And so, what attracted you to join ConTe?

First, ConTe’s growth was solid - 20% of growth per year; second, the size of the business attracted me - the company isn’t too big, so I knew I’d have a good level of visibility to senior managers, with the added opportunity to work on bigger projects than I’d have in a larger corporation. Finally, I was attracted to the nice culture and strong focus on people.

Since joining in 2017, have you had opportunities to visit the international offices?

Yes, I have been to Cardiff and Seville on multiple occasions. I’ve also been to Munich re.

In Cardiff, I attended the induction when I first joined (this included a week with Pricing and understanding how car insurance works) and in Seville, I learned about the telematics model. I’ve also worked with EUIGS so travelled to Spain once per month.

What are some of the projects that you’ve worked on so far?

Review of the Telematics product – looking at key trends and proposing next steps for ConTe.

Fast Quote - Italy’s competitors return a quote after just 2 questions asked, whereas, ConTe more than 50 questions. This wasn’t a great customer experience, so I worked to reduce this down to 15.

Looking into the broker and agents market as another way to grow. In 2023, we have a goal that some of the revenues will come from this channel.

Have you faced any challenges?

Motivating others: it’s a tough job to motivate those around you. It’s important to communicate well and get people involved from the beginning.

What are some of the valuable skills you’ve built up?

I’ve improved quite a lot in terms of being able to see things at a strategic level, but also then being able to drill down in the finer details very quickly.

My project managing and networking skills have also improved. In any company, you need people to know you, as you may need their help at some point.

I’ve learnt a lot about the business as well; I’ve learned how insurance works, how claims work, pricing, etc. I came from a telecommunications background, which is completely different to insurance, so its been a steep learning curve.

Finally, what’s surprised you the most?

The environment was initially surprising to me; having previously been in a very corporate environment, wearing a suit and tie every day, to ConTe, where it’s very informal, open, and less corporate than I’d imagined. It’s a very nice environment and one where you can be yourself!

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