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Changes to our Family Friendly Policies

We understand that balancing the demands of a family and a career can be challenging at times. Taking time off work to be with your new family is very important and we recognise that many fathers, partners and adopters want to be more hands on and involved with the care of their children.

We are committed to supporting our staff when they go through parenthood and a valued source of support is provided by our Parental Leave policies. The policies allow staff to spend cherished time at home with their family, so that when they return to work, they can thrive and flourish.  

Our policies go above the statutory pay requirments to encourage our staff to take more time at home when they become parents. As long as you've worked for us for 26 weeks, you can expect the following benefits. 

Maternity Leave

  • Employees receive 16 weeks of full pay, followed by 23 weeks statutory maternity pay

Paternity Leave

  • Employees receive 2 weeks full pay, 2 weeks statutory paternity pay and 12 days of unpaid leave (should they wish to take it)

Shared Parental Leave

  • When both parents work for Admiral they can share the 16-weeks full pay benefit. So, if the mother/primary caregiver decides to return to work prior to 16 weeks, the other parent can pick up the remaining weeks on full pay
  • If one parent is employed by Admiral, and together with their partner fulfil eligibility criteria, they can share the Parental Leave

Admiral believes that the support doesn’t stop at Parental Leave. We recognise that flexible working is another valuable way in which our staff can attain the work-life balance they need and so employees can request flexible working arrangements.

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