Inside Admiral

Incredible new online training system with 144 online courses and counting!

At Admiral we don’t just say we invest in training for fun, we really do! Admiral provides new starter inductions, education sponsorship and array of training through the in-house training team Admiral Academy. If that’s not quite enough, we have just launched a brand new online training system. Staff can explore over 100 courses that can help them with their professional development.

The online training system known as ILearn works like a social platform. There are communities you can join which allow colleagues to connect and share best practice. It keeps staff up to date with all the events around the business and helps everyone communicate more effectively.

Lauren, Admirals ILearn administrator, said ‘’ILearn is interactive, intuitive and innovative! It offers staff opportunities for self development that is tailored to their needs. It keeps track of their performance which is really motivating. Colleagues can award you badges which recognise your achievements. If a team is feeling a little more competitive, they can even tote up their points and compare how well they have done.’’

ILearn is available for all staff across all sites. It is currently being translated ready to be launched in the offices in Spain, France and Italy.

The ILearn programme promotes self development and it is constantly growing. There is a huge variety of courses available, from learning how to build your confidence, learning how to calculate percentages, improving your negotiation skills, running an effective meeting and so much more.

‘‘It’s great because all of this is done in house. We’re adding more courses and updating it with relevant and genuinely helpful information for all the people that work here.’’ She said.

She added ‘‘There is a tremendous investment in staff training and development. This is only one aspect of it and it is just another great benefit that all staff can enjoy.’’