Corporate Governance

The main function of the Risk department is to liaise with other parts of the business to capture, assess and log appropriate risk and near-miss events in an efficient, appropriate fashion. The goal is to ensure that the impact on customers and any financial losses are captured. By reviewing and monitoring risk and controls the team supports and develops the Operational Risk Framework and ensures current processes remain appropriate and identifies improvement opportunities.

The team also reviews the risk event log for common causes/themes and provides reports to other departments, as well as producing analysis on the risk and control environment and providing recommendations.

The department also scans and reviews for potential external emerging risks and provides an analysis of impacts to the business, as well as producing reports and recommendations on these. Further to this, the team keeps up to date on current industry practices and implements change when needed.

It’s also important for the team to provide consultancy and support managers using risk management within their areas via education and awareness sessions. Risk jobs also involve dealing with and/or referring any risk management queries that are generated by the organisation. Therefore the department must develop and maintain key stakeholder relationships across the Group, and demonstrate strong communication abilities. 

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