The Admiral Story

Admiral was founded by two INSEAD graduates in 1993 and it’s fair to say we’ve come a long way since then. We're now the UK’s 3rd largest car insurance provider and a FTSE 100 company, with a presence in eight countries, including Canada, the USA and India.

We now have over 5 million customers, 14 brands and more than 10,000 members of staff worldwide. The year 2017 proved to be successful for us, with turnover up by 15% to £2.96 billion. Have a read of our 2017 Full Year Results.

Our history is one of amazing growth and inspired innovation. And while our business has changed dramatically, there’s one thing that’s remained the same throughout the years: our working culture. We’re proud to be an entrepreneurial workplace with a start-up mentality. Additionally, we are the only company to have been named one of The Sunday Times Best Companies To Work For every year since 2001 and ranked 3rd Best Big Company to work for this year. We've also appeared in the Great Place to Work Best Workplaces list every year since the competition began in 2003 and were crowned the 6th best multinational workplace in Europe in 2017.

So if you're interested in combining a strategic role full of opportunities and a great work/life balance in a collaborative and international environment you've come to the right place!

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MBAs at Admiral

We’re always looking for the best minds and brightest talent to drive our businesses forward. That’s why we’re keen to recruit the very best MBA graduates to key roles throughout the Admiral Group. Admiral itself was founded by two INSEAD graduates and we have continued to attract and retain talent from the best business schools around the world.

Our MBA jobs help you launch a career without boundaries. You will grow, develop and excel in a FTSE 100 company with a £2 billion turnover and over 10,000 staff members. We’ll give you the freedom you need to innovate, plus the practical support to help turn your ideas into reality. You can read some of our success stories in our MBA blog.

For us, the great attraction of an MBA is the experience-based entry criteria. As an MBA graduate, you already have significant business experience that perfectly complements your MBA skills. You also have a well-established, up-to-the-minute international business view and global commercial outlook, which is important to a forward-looking business like ours. And it’s probably fair to say that you already have some great networks in place.

We recognise that business success is driven by the skills of our people, which is why we give great people the tools they need to do great things. The reason that we can continue to hire talented and ambitious MBA graduates year after year is simple: we have a strong and sound business model. You can read our 2017 Full Year Results here

MBA graduates work with us in a number of different strategic roles and projects, particularly as International Business Development Managers (BDMs) (internal consultants) and International Pricing Managers (IPMs). You can apply for the BDM role here and you can apply for the IMP role by clicking the link on the right hand side above. Or, if you're looking for experience, you can apply for our MBA Summer Internship.

Whatever it is they’re working on, MBA talent tends to either increase revenue or produce efficiency. They add real value to the top and/or bottom line, which in turn adds return value for our customers and shareholders.

Our Past, Present, and Future

How it all began

Whilst Admiral came into being in 1993, our roots go back further still. Towards the end of 1990, Hayter Brockbank, a managing agency at Lloyd's of London, wanted to generate more sterling income through insurance. It decided the best way to achieve this goal was through a direct response personal lines business. Selling private motor insurance direct to the customer was still a relatively new idea at that time.

The Admiral Group's former CEO, Henry Engelhardt (an MBA graduate from INSEAD), was headhunted from Churchill Insurance, where he was working as Marketing and Sales Manager, to lead the new operation and formulate the business plan. Henry began setting up the company at the end of June 1991 together with current CEO, David Stevens, another INSEAD graduate.

With a team of five, they set about creating a business plan and worked with Lloyd's of London to build an acceptable structure. The strategy was simple yet bold: to capture a market not well covered by existing direct motor insurers. While Admiral would target all car insurance customers, they’d have a bias towards higher premium business, such as city-dwellers, younger drivers and motorists with performance cars. In other words, people who traditionally found it difficult to get cheaper insurance. On the 2 January 1993, Admiral launched (on time and under budget) from its headquarters in Cardiff, which was ranked the third best capital city in Europe in 2016.

You can watch our CEO, David Stevens, talk about Cardiff below:


Where we are today

We were practically the only large financial services company based in Cardiff at the time of our launch. But where we’ve led, others have followed. Today, Cardiff is a thriving centre of financial services and one of the best cities in Europe to live in. Cardiff also hosted the UEFA Champions League Final in 2017. You can find out more about living here in our Life in Cardiff brochure.

Today, the Admiral Group is a highly profitable and fast-growing financial services intermediary. As the 3rd largest car insurer in the UK, we’re a household name and the only FTSE 100 company in Wales. We now employ more than 10,000 people at our offices in the UK, Canada, Spain, Italy, France, the USA, Mexico and India. We’re proud to serve over 5 million customers across the globe and to have a combined turnover of over £2 billion.

While growth (which has all been organic) has been impressively swift, we’re still based in South Wales and are now headed up by CEO David Stevens. Our customer base still includes people who traditionally find it difficult to get cheaper insurance. And we still believe (and always will) in rewarding everyone who works with us. Our company philosophy is that people who like what they do, will do it better. Find out more about our benefits and rewards.


And tomorrow?

That’s where you come in. We’re open to new ideas and innovative thinking and that’s what we recruit our MBA graduates for.