Renewals is a diverse and rewarding department in which you’ll have a vital role to play. You’ll talk to existing policyholders towards the end of their policy and use your superb sales skills and customer service talents to win their business again. This is an exciting area of the business to work in, especially if you thrive on challenge, as you’ll frequently deal with customers who aren’t completely satisfied with their renewal quote or want to leave or negotiate and it’ll be your job to try and turn things round and influence a positive result.

Of course, you’ll need to be an all-round excellent communicator and a great negotiator. Your friendly, helpful, understanding approach combined with strong product knowledge is what will make all the difference to customers. You won’t be able to please everybody, every time but when you do come up against difficult circumstances, you’ll deal with them positively and proactively, handling objection with confidence and remaining polite and professional at all times. Accuracy and quality of service are really vital in Renewals. It should be your product knowledge, and friendly, helpful approach that make all the difference to our customers. You'll stay up-to-date with a set of standards and procedures designed to help you understand the policy holder's circumstances, ensuring they get the best possible service and value for money. 

It goes without saying that your phone manner is first rate, and that you've a positive and proactive approach when it comes to dealing with difficult circumstances. You’ll need to be an excellent negotiator and all-round communicator, as we’ll need you to persuade and influence people. And if you’ve a call centre background, or have experience of dealing with customers, then that’s even better. You'll gain knowledge and skills during our training programme before taking to the phones to help save the customer's business. After all, it will be your superb service that sees us compete against those price comparison sites.

And the better quality your assistance, the more you earn: bonuses are awarded on a sliding scale according to service excellence.