Intellectually challenging, interesting and enjoyable, professionals in our Pricing, Business Analytics and MI functions are at the very heart of the company and have the chance to make a real difference to its success.


Central to our success is the Pricing Department, who set all the prices for our quotes and policies, and also implement price changes into our system. We apply detailed statistical models to our database of previous customers and identify trends in data in order to calculate a price that is profit maximising. So if you’re inspired by numeracy and analysis then you could be joining us.

Business Analytics

Working in Business Analytics, you’ll be behind the analysis of company-wide data that provides vital insight and informs senior managers’ decision making. You’ll help us make the most of data by applying your expertise to analyse it in a way that draws out the most useful information. This isn’t just number-crunching, you’ll have the freedom to be creative and flexible in your approach, draw upon a variety of methods and recommend areas for improvement.

Management Information (MI)

How do we ensure that we’re making the most effective decisions across the organisation? Decisions that are worthwhile, well-informed and enable us to optimise our performance and enhance success? It all starts with Management Information (MI). MI is the first point of contact for the business when it comes to gathering key information. Working in this crucially important area of the business, you’ll offer eye-opening insight and support to departments such as Marketing, Finance and Call Centre whilst also helping Senior Managers better understand the performance of the company overall.

What can you expect working in MI at Admiral? Responsibility, challenge and impactful opportunities – just to name a few. Enabling departments to see and monitor business success is a day-to-day task for the MI team, so your work will play a key role in strategic and operational decision-making. You’ll also be involved in all new initiatives that go through the organisation as the only way to know if something is worth the money being spent on it, is to monitor and report on it. Having such wide-ranging exposure to the business offers many development opportunities for MI professionals who are flexible, knowledgeable, analytic and keen to pursue a rewarding and challenging career within a large, innovative global organisation.