What we can offer you

We know that training and development is hugely important to anyone going into a new (or their first!) job, so we invest heavily in you and your career to make sure you get everything you want out of it.

Our company motto is that “people who like what they do, do it better” and we wholeheartedly embrace this message in everything we do. We want you to be happy and to succeed, so we will do what we can to help you achieve your goals and aspirations.

You will receive training from day one in the form of a comprehensive induction programme, which you’ll complete together with the rest of the new grad cohort. The induction period will include a wealth of information about Admiral and the insurance world as we understand that most people come to us with no prior knowledge of the insurance industry. We want you to embrace the Admiral culture, so we will also spend time on some teambuilding activities to help you all settle in and gel as part of a team.

Here are the September 2017 grads at the end of induction:

Throughout induction you will meet people from all over the business, who are all your new colleagues, including some previous grads and some senior managers, to help with your initial network across the business.

Part of induction will also be learning about our products and customers from the ground-up by completing a customer services induction. This will mean understanding the customer journey and gaining an appreciation for who our customers are and how important our front-line staff members are, who talk to our customers every day.

We understand that starting a new job, especially after university, can be daunting, so to ease the transition we will provide you with your own experienced business mentor, as well as a grad buddy. Your grad buddy will be a grad, who’s still on the programme, so they will know exactly how you’re feeling. We try our best to match buddies by scheme (core or analyst) and by any other common factor, e.g. degree, university, or hometown, so that you hopefully will already have something in common. You can ask your grad buddy any questions you may have, or just meet them for a coffee and a chat. Your business mentor will be better suited to give you career advice or any other support you may need. Both your mentor and grad buddy will be another great avenue for you to network through, so definitely make the most of having them!

After your induction you will be ready to start on your first placement with us! We tend to assign first placements to you, depending on business needs and your background, to ensure a good match. All our placements will give you a good level of responsibility, ownership, and support. However, it is your job to get the most out of any opportunities given to you, so you do need to be proactive and ambitious to be successful on each and every placement.

You will be involved in choosing your next placements, bearing in mind where you want to take your career, as well as business needs and priorities. 

Lauren, Archaeology BSc, University of Liverpool (Sep '17 intake):

Throughout your placements and the programme, you will be invited to training with our in-house training department, the Admiral Academy. Make the most of these opportunities and come ready and willing to learn. All our training, as well as your placements, will give you the chance to get to know the business better, something which will put you in good stead to go on and succeed with us. You can also request training through the Academy once you are on your placements, in anything from improving your confidence to your Excel skills.

The Academy also has on online learning platform, called iLearn, where you can find hundreds of courses, short videos, hints and tips, etc. This is another great tool to aid your learning and development.

As part of the graduate programme, you will also get the opportunity to acquire a nationally recognised qualification with the Institute of Leadership and Management (ILM). This qualification will require substantial input and commitment from you, but it is a great opportunity to further develop and enhance your skills and career prospects.

Another great example of training and developmental opportunities at Admiral is our annual Innov8 challenge. This is a company wide challenge that any current employee can apply to take part in. It's run every year and was organised by two of our grads this year. The challenge consists of spending a few intensive days working as a team to come up with innovative and creative solutions to business challenges set by senior managers. You can find out more in our video below: 

We also like to think that the Admiral culture and the fantastic people we have working here play a huge role in supporting you and ensuring you enjoy coming to work. From our monthly 'fun' campaigns to our bi-annual company parties held at incredible venues such as Cardiff Castle and the Principality Stadium, we really are very lucky to get to work at this amazing company!