Corporate Governance

Data Protection is an area that is under ever increasing scrutiny both within the UK and in Europe. Regulation is updated frequently and it is the Data Protection team’s job to educate all levels of staff on UK and European privacy legislation and the rules they must comply with.

The Data Protection team must understand operational processes and controls and assess their effectiveness in mitigating data protection risks faced by the Group.

The team also manages Subject Access Requests (SAR), ensuring that records are kept in orderly fashion and that there is evidence that legal requirements have been met, and carries out Privacy Impact Assessments on new products and projects.

Another important function of the Data Protection team is to provide legal and technical knowledge and expertise, in the areas of privacy and data protection, to staff members across the organisation. It is therefore important to develop and maintain good communication lines across the Group.

Data Protection jobs at Admiral also contribute to improvements in the functioning of the organisation’s risk management and control systems.

If you're interested in Data Protection roles at Admiral please feel free to contact us, even if we aren't currently advertising any vacancies. You can do this by emailing your CV and cover letter to us at