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An exciting opportunity has arisen in the Technology department, where you will be join a small team of experts, constantly pushing the technological capability that powers the longest-running InsureTech.

As an Architect, you’ll play a pivotal role in a technology-led business. You’ll help shape, implement and maintain the strategy that enables to help customers, partners and staff.


Alongside your senior technology peers, you’ll ensure that we attain:

  • Technological, engineering and operational excellence
  • Maturity in DevOps and continuous delivery
  • High calibre staff by recruiting, retaining and developing the right people
  • A generative culture that favours the tenets and discipline of the Agile Manifesto.

You have a track record in designing, building and running high quality, high-performance, elegant, secure, cost-effective and innovative software solutions. You’re well versed in modern technology patterns such as CI, CD, TDD, SOA, MSA, Cloud and can articulate how they create business value.

You’re undaunted by new software and technological step changes - your tendency is to test and learn new technologies instead of swallowing the hype.

Translating jargon and complexity for non-technical people is second nature to you and you ensure we align technology objectives with business and customer-led goals.  You thrive on working alongside other highly motivated technology experts and adopt the pragmatic, objective approach to resolving conflict.

Your knowledge, experience and effectiveness means you can cover most if not all domains of modern technology stacks and the SDLC.


Typical qualities/objectives of a Architect:

  • Building a peerless and extensive understanding of our customer, business and technology domains.
  • Drive the technology strategy and associated engineering/software development practices of the department.
  • Comfortable with being on the tools designing, building, testing and deploying services to production and observing their impact and performance.
  • Proactively monitor and appraise trends in the wider technology world – able to exercise sound judgement as to when to appraise, adopt, retire or disregard technologies and patterns.
  • Foster and maintain a culture of quality, continual learning and development to ensure staff remain competent and relevant.
  • Articulate and enact the need to measure and pay off technical debt.
  • Understand and articulate the importance of managing non-functional aspects of technology – security, warranty, costs and risk.
  • Rotate across multiple teams, so you can parachute in wherever necessary and add value.
  • Act as mentor for individuals, teams and the wider technology dept.
  • Spokesperson/ambassador in and out of
  • Lead by example -  show don’t tell.


A bit about Tech: runs on a cloud-hosted message/event driven SOA/MSA.



Typical attributes of the Tech Stack:

  • CloudFlare
  • .net, C#, MVC, WCF
  • Angular, React
  • Azure Cloud & Azure DevOps
  • Redis, Service Bus
  • BizTalk, XSLT / XML
  • SQL, NoSQL


The Architect Credo

  • Accuracy
    • Measure twice, cut once
    • No errors, TDD.
  • Selfless
    • It's not about you, it's about the code.
    • Promote confused codebase not yourself,
    • No passing of issues onto other teams.
  • Honesty
    • Don't sweep things under the carpet
    • Be open about what you don’t know.
  • Inquisitive
    • Maybe it's like that for a reason - why not try and find out?  
    • RTFM.
    • Looking at how our assets function and fit into the wider system.
    • Did you read the documentation? Did you look at the unit tests?  
    • Not all those who wander are lost.
  • Insight
    • Not everything that looks like a mistake is a mistake.
    • Not everything that looks right is right.
    • Not all that glitters is gold.
    • What benefits a new tech may bring as well as the costs.
    • Consider how changes may affect the wider system and teams.
  •  Progressive
    • Leave it better than you found it.
  • Just
    • Subscribe to Wheaton’s Law.


We understand that a good work life balance is important, and we want you to have an element of freedom to define a working lifestyle that supports this. We are happy to talk about flexible working. Please contact for more information.




Next steps:

The Recruitment Officer looking after this role is Hayley Penny. If you’d like to know any more about the position or as an employer, please feel free to drop her an email

If you would like to apply please complete the application form and attach your CV.