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Reliable and friendly staff make for motivating career at Admiral

A visually impaired member of our Customer Accounts team has praised the people and culture of Admiral as the most rewarding part of his job.

Derek Ayi has Retinitis Pigmentosa which is a hereditary condition affecting vision in both his eyes and joined Admiral in 2002 after working for Age Concern helping elderly people learn about using computers.

In order to help with his daily duties, Derek uses Zoom Text software to enlarge the text on his computer screen and a flat bed scanner which allows him to project images of paper documents onto his PC screen where he is able to read them.

After almost 15 years at Admiral Derek has carved out a successful career in Customer Accounts and is now designing and building an online learning course for our staff on a specific accounts process.

He was recognised as a star performer in 2015 and twice nominated for a Customer Accounts Star Lunch in January and June this year.

Derek said: “The people I work with on a daily basis are from all walks of life, and are a great bunch.

"They’re friendly, lively, relaxed and hard working which all go hand in hand making this a  ‘unique’ environment to work in. 

“Don’t get me wrong, it’s not all a rollercoaster of games, face painting and pizzas for lunch, there are times when the pressure is on but having reliable, friendly people who can have a laugh and don’t take life too seriously goes a long way in motivating a person which in turn I use as a positive force for myself.”

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