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Admiral supports Royal Ballet dreams

A long serving Admiral employee whose daughter has been accepted into the Royal Ballet School in London has praised the flexibility she has received from our business.

Central Quality Executive Jane Shelley's daughter Maisie (pictured above) succeeded in gaining a place at the prestigious dance school in the capital.

Jane works in our Global Headquarters in the centre of Cardiff after 17 years with the company and now spends most Fridays collecting her daughter from London to come home for the weekend.

She said Maisie applied for four ballet schools in the UK and was invited to audition for each.

Jane (pictured above with her daughter) said: "This involved time off during the week, at very short notice.  My team manager, Martyn, was more than helpful, and let me book holidays. 

" When Maisie was recalled to all four schools for a final audition, my boss let me take time off, on the condition I worked it back.  In the true Admiral style he went out of his way to help me.

"When the ‘yes’ letters started arriving my team were a nervous wreck, as well as me!  The day the Royal Ballet letter arrived, there was news on the ballet forum website the letters had gone out and I simply couldn’t face going into work and not knowing until I arrived home, that night.

"I obtained permission from my Operations Manager, Denzil, to stalk the post office and go into work late.  We just couldn’t believe it when Maisie got a place.  I came into work and Admiral had bought a huge bunch of flowers for her.  It was truly fabulous.  I can’t thank them enough.

"Now most Fridays I collect her from London to come home for the weekend.  Admiral have again let me change my hours to allow me to do this.

"I can’t thank everyone enough.  Admiral are consistently good employers."

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