Inside Admiral

Admiral sponsors course at Swansea University

Welsh Universities have, for many years, contributed a large number of graduates to our headcount, with the link the Cardiff University being particularly strong. Due to the great successes recruiting people from Cardiff University, we decided to try to raise our profile at Swansea University, which would also be a natural feeder for our Swansea and Cardiff offices. As part of these efforts, we decided to sponsor the Financial Derivatives and Risk Management course at Swansea University’s School of Management. As part of this, Anton Kossack, Business Analytics Manager, delivered a guest lecture about Admiral’s Risk Management. We also created the Admiral Award for Outstanding Achievement for the module, including a monetary prize for the top-performing student, along with a visit to our Cardiff Offices.

As two students performed equally well, the prize was split in its inaugural year. Tom Carpenter and Matthew Tucker shared the prize which was presented by Anton, who said: “As a graduate of Swansea University’s School of Management myself, I am delighted to see that the quality of students passing through the school has remained exceptionally high. Tom and Matt are just the tip of the iceberg of talent that hopefully will consider a career with us. The Admiral award and the accompanying lecture are good ways for students to get an insight into our company, while giving us a direct line to high calibre people.” Tom and Matthew visited Capital Tower on Friday 1st August and received their award. Both students got a lot from the sponsorship as Matthew Tucker tells us: “I would like to thank Admiral and specifically, Anton, for facilitating what was an interesting and indeed valuable opportunity, and also for recognising the effort we have put into our studies this year.”