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Budget 2016: Admiral staff have their say

Balancing the books is something we all have to do on a daily basis and this week Chancellor George Osborne will unveil the UK Budget for 2016.

It is likely the Chancellor will announce measures to encourage more people to save when he takes to the dispatch box.

We asked our staff what they would like to see in this year's Budget and here's what they had to say:

Leanne Razie (pictured above), trainer with Admiral Academy would like

  • Petrol prices to continue to be as low as they have recently
  • Holiday companies to be encouraged to charge the same in school holidays as out of school holiday time

James Evans, Customer Services customer contact representative wants

  • Tax to be levied on properties that aren’t lived in for more than three consecutive months of the year
  • The top rate of tax to go back to 50p
  • Council Tax to be looked at as the boundaries have not changed since house prices soared and some people are now paying the same amount of tax on a property that is worth hundreds of thousands of pounds more than others

Howard Pang, Outbound Sales, would like

  • Lower taxation for low income workers
  • Cheaper housing and more support for first time buyers
  • Free ice cream