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Admiral staff quit social media, give up excuses and cut out caffeine for Lent

Our staff have been getting into the spirit of Lent and given up everything from Facebook and excuses to chocolate, caffeine and cakes.

Lent started this year on Wednesday February 10, runs until Thursday March 24 and involves sacrifice in the 40 days from Ash Wednesday leading up to Easter.

Team manager Linette Benedito and her team of six staff in our Newport office (pictured above) have given up everything from crumpets and crisps to cider and beer with a £1 penalty for those who break the commitment to quit.

Penalty funds will be put towards their next team afternoon out.

Linette said: "I think we have all struggled a bit. I can't eat bread or potato which means that I’m eating ridiculous amounts of pasta instead."

Project manager Sara Bennett has given up on putting things off.

Sara said: "I’ve decided to stop allowing myself to make excuses to get out of doing things. It may still take time to achieve everything I want to but it’s encouraged and motivated me more than I anticipated."

Recruitment officer Rhian Chilvers said giving up Facebook and social media for Lent has been the hardest and best thing she has done.

Rhian said: "I caved on my birthday as I had loads of email notifications of people writing on my time line! But that was only two minutes and I haven’t touched it since.

"I am quite proud of myself and found I have more time for doing things even the washing up!"