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Admiral rewards working canine to five

Dreams of canine companions and fun in the sun have become a reality for staff in our Customer Services department after the introduction of an Attendance Bonus.

All Customer Services staff with a 100% attendance record are rewarded with an extra £50 in their salary each month.

And, for those who maintain that attendance after 12 months, there is an additional £50 a month on offer meaning staff could earn an additional £1,200 a year in recognition of full attendance.

Charlotte Side works in Customer Services in Swansea and used her Attendance Bonus to buy her dog, Poppy (pictured above).

The 22-year-old from Neath works on our Data Validation Team and said: "It took me a year to save for my dog, I would never have been able to afford her without the Attendance Bonus and I miss her when I come to work." 

Jason Hope, 32, from Swansea has maintained his 100% attendance and used funds from his Attendance Bonus to pay for a two week holiday to Cyprus.

He said: "I started saving each month and went to Cyprus in September last year.

"The holiday was fantastic."

The Customer Services Attendance Bonus is just one example of rewards departments across Admiral offer to their best performing staff.