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Inside Admiral

Tomos, currently completing his second industry placement with us, chats about his experience of the Welsh Data Science Graduate Programme so far…

We’re extremely proud to be one of 13 Welsh companies to get involved in the Welsh Data Science Graduate Programme, which encourages top talent to build their careers in a growing data science sector in South Wales.

‘We are delighted to play a part in the South Wales Data Scientists Graduate Scheme'', said Business Analytics Manager, Neil (pictured above). Tomos’ excellent technical knowledge has provided inspiration and focus for the project he is working on and generated new thinking across the Automation department and the wider business.’

Tomos gave us an insight into his background and experience at Admiral so far...

What is your educational background?

‘’I studied Politics at the University of Bristol, but I was able to join the Q-Step Programme. The Q-Step programme provided me with advanced quantitative social science training as well as an internship. My fascination with applied statistics started here and now I am nearing the end of my MSc in Applied Data Science.”

How did you find yourself on the Welsh Data Science Grad Scheme?

“I knew I wanted to continue working with data after completing my BSc. The opportunity to join the Data Science Graduate Programme with a fully funded MSc, based in my hometown, was too great to miss out on.”

What is involved with the Welsh Data Science Graduate Programme?

‘’Alongside studying for my MSc, I rotate around three different organisations for eight months each. My first placement was with Centrica and I am now situated in the Automation department in Admiral. I am able to expand my personal development as well as make real changes with my projects’.’

How will you use your data science degree at Admiral?

‘’Throughout my time here, I have applied various skills to my placement. This includes classification using machine learning to natural language processing and text analytics. I can use what I have learnt, and continue to learn, to create data science products that adds value to my team and wider business.”

How are you finding it so far?

‘’Curiosity is something that separates Admiral from a lot of big companies. This has made it easy to inspire and encourage others to see the potential of data science. There is a lot of exciting potential here.”

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