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Supporting staff wellbeing in the workplace: Menopause matters

We’re proud to be a diverse and inclusive workplace and are constantly working hard to improve and become an even better employer, seeking new and innovative ways to support our staff. We have recently been addressing how we can support staff members going through the menopause.

This age demographic makes up nearly 10% of our workforce, which is why it is so important to ensure that the right support and understanding about this topic is found within our company.

We understand that people will experience different symptoms and concerns through the menopause so our new policy aims to raise awareness for a range of symptoms that may occur and encourage our staff members and their managers to talk about it. We hope that going forward our staff will feel comfortable to raise any concerns so we can work together for each individual challenge.

There are a wide range of physical and psychological symptoms associated with the menopause transition that can last for several years. Most people will experience symptoms, although everyone is different, and symptoms can be fluctuating and be felt to varying degrees.

Bec Walters, Employee Health and Wellbeing Manager, tells us more…

‘During the summer we held several focus groups with staff and asked for opinions on what they’d like to see us do with regards to workplace support. In response, we have…

Put a Menopause Policy in place, to ensure that we’re committed to providing an environment where people experiencing symptoms feel supported, have access to appropriate signposting and that their Managers are given the right tools to support them

We’re in the process of creating a menopause community on our company intranet which anyone will be free to join so that staff can share ideas, any issues etc

We’re also in the process of implementing coaching sessions for managers around this topic, so that everyone feels better informed and how-to better support staff 

A menopause promotion will also feature in the Ministry of Health calendar next year and we’re looking into the possibility of hosting office talks on the topic, so watch this space!’

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