Inside Admiral

We’re building something special…. Meet Helder, Software Developer at AFSL

What’s your role in AFSL?

I’m a Software Developer, but my tasks lie a bit beyond just cutting code. We have a big focus on having all infrastructure as code, as well as having services that work everywhere: locally on your laptop, on a container, on a local cluster, and in the cloud. We’re also working on a big piece relating to Continuous Delivery Pipelines.

How are you finding it so far?

I’m finding the technical side very exciting and challenging. The bulk of my experience lies mostly in writing code that works and does what is functionally expected, but technologies like Kubernetes and Terraform were quite new to me when I started, so there was a lot of learning involved. I can say the balance between doing what you know and learning new things has been great for me. Another technical advantage is the fact that, because we work with containers, we can choose the technologies we want for any new piece of work. It’s important for us developers to feel that we are not tied to working with small and closed sets of technologies.

On the non-technical side, I couldn’t be happier. AFSL has assembled a Development team that is very eager to learn and easy to work with. The ability to bring my own laptop and work remotely when needed makes the experience even more positive.

How did you get into your role?

I saw an advert for a job role as a Software Developer with experience implementing CI/CD pipelines. I got intrigued by the ad and applied for it. I’d been working for the past couple of years in big companies and, typical for large companies, the technologies used were less open for debate, less cutting-edge and there’s a large emphasis on processes. That’s no criticism, but I wanted to be in a different environment to this. So, when I learned about the ‘start-up’ feel at AFSL, I was really keen to apply for the job. A couple of weeks and interviews later, I was working in Cardiff!

How does AFSL differ to your previous job experiences?

Apart from the technical aspects and start-up mentality that I mentioned previously, I’ve found that type of people working here are eager to learn from what I’m doing, and that’s very motivating. The company also has a good focus on employee well-being, with frequent team activities. In big companies it’s sometimes the old ‘just get on with it’, but I haven’t felt that here.

Do you have any advice for anyone thinking of joining AFSL?

I’m really excited to see where technology can lead the business, so be like Nike and just do it!