Inside Admiral

We’re building something special…. Meet Chris, Software Developer at AFSL

What’s your role in AFSL?

I’ve been part of the Technology team in AFSL for the past 2 months, working as a Software Developer. I work with a variety of technology, revolving around the online services that we offer our customers. So far, I’ve worked on various features of our back-end system, automated testing, cloud infrastructure in code, and performance testing.

How are you finding it so far?

I’m enjoying it! Everyone that I’ve met and worked with have been wonderful and welcoming. There’s definitely a feeling that this culture is a technology-driven business – which is of course, exciting as a developer!

How did you get into your role?

After building a solid foundation of skills during my previous role at another company, I was keen to explore the world of Financial Services from a technology perspective, as FinTech is currently one of the most exciting industries to be in. The fact that AFSL feels like a start-up, but with the backing of a FTSE-100 company was a really exciting prospect for me, and it’s certainly the impression I’ve got so far!

What do you like about working in AFSL?

There’s real support and time given to allow Developers to explore technologies they find interesting, let people figure things out, and prevent silos from forming. This exploration is actively encouraged within the team, which is great to be a part of. The overall culture here is great and is a stark contrast from my previous job role.

What excites you about the future of AFSL?

I’m really excited for what the future brings, both in terms of technology opportunities, and the business trajectory as a whole. We’re growing at an incredible rate and smashing our goals, which is always fantastic to know!

Do you have any advice for anyone thinking of joining AFSL?

The people are happy, the opportunities for career direction change are plentiful, and it’s a lot of fun!