Inside Admiral

Ignacio, from BDM to Head of Corporate Governance and Profitability

Ignacio joined the Admiral Group in October 2016 as an International Business Development Manager in our Seville office (Admiral Seguros) and became Head of Corporate Governance and Profitability for the Spanish operation in 2018. He has recently been promoted to Head of Broker Channel.

After completing his MBA at INSEAD, Ignacio was convinced he wanted to go back into consulting, which is something he’d done previously for Monitor Deloitte, but was then introduced to the Admiral Group and the Spanish operation.

‘’The opportunity to deliver real and impactful change, in such a dynamic and culturally attractive company, was what attracted me the most. Obviously, the team, especially its senior members, were also a very important part of the decision.’’

Ignacio’s first Projects as a BDM

‘’My first projects in the company were very varied and allowed me to learn a lot about the complex insurance industry. I had the chance to work mainly on pricing and marketing related projects, for Spain and Italy, what also allowed me to get ‘deep into the numbers’ and learn more about the European operations.”

‘’From 2018, I’ve been leading the project to enter the broker channel in Spain. Spanish insurance distribution is very concentrated in traditional channels (brokers and agents) and we've decided to enter in this channel as an additional way to grow. Creating a new distribution channel within a direct company is a fantastic challenge, with implications for all areas of the company. Together with a very motivated and skilful team, and the support of the entire organisation, we managed to launch in the channel in January 2019 and are now working to make it a sustainable and profitable source of business in the long term.”

Challenges and Learnings

‘’The main challenges of my roles have been to gain a strong understanding of the business and be able to deliver value in such a competitive industry. It’s true what they say, this company is an incredible place where there are so many opportunities, and all of them, independently of the type, are surrounded by exciting challenges.” 

“One of my main learnings for me has been the importance of culture in a company. It’s one of the main distinctive factors of working for the Admiral Group, and is clearly a key element to attract, grow and retain talent, which is the only way to create a successful business.” 

“My main surprise has been the people, and the drive, motivation, and enthusiasm of this team, which makes this company better every day.”

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