Inside Admiral

The people that make our digital vision possible: Meet our Head of Infrastructure, Chris Bevan

What do you do here at Admiral Tech?

Currently, I'm the Head of Infrastructure. My role entails leading the teams that are building out our Infrastructure platform. We are expanding our capabilities and growing our team to give us greater coverage across all areas of infrastructure. This is inclusive of, developing dedicated teams to provide infrastructure as a service, covering servers (both physical and virtual), networking, storage and our DBA technical function.

The role has the remit of ensuring we have the right skills to efficiently build, design, deploy and run the infrastructure to support Admiral's core business activities. As well as keeping the lights on - we are actively looking at ways to improve, buildout and enhance the core infrastructure.

What is your background?

In a previous life, I was a professional rugby player for 5 years playing for Pontypridd & Ebbw Vale. Unfortunately, an injury got the better of me, so I had to come to work for a living!

I started off within a service desk in the private sector. Following that, I worked my way up across various roles in both the private and public sector. In areas such as education, aviation, and latterly medical and food packaging. I've worked with some great leadership teams during my time and I’ve been lucky enough to have some inspiring leaders take me under their wing. This has influenced my direction for which I've been eternally grateful for.

What was it about Admiral Tech that made you want to join?

Admiral first and foremost is Wales' flagship company - being the only FTSE 100 company in the country. You just have to look at our marketing across TV and online to get an idea of how big and important Admiral is, not just in Wales but in the UK as well. Initially, from the interview, I was inspired by the vision for I.T. - The way the department was going, what Admiral Tech wanted to do and the challenges that they faced. It excited me to be able to have an input into the direction of that journey.

What's the most exciting change or project happening within Infrastructure and Admiral Tech?

From an Infrastructure perspective, we have several exciting projects underway. From starting out on our cloud journey with an internal team that’s completely focussed on that. We are also looking to transform our tech stack from top to toe, we’re looking at all things in the 'art of the possible' as we like to say here.  The business is starting on a digital transformation for which Admiral Tech will be a key enabler.

Are there opportunities to progress within Admiral Tech?

For sure! 18 months ago, I joined Admiral Tech initially as a team manager reporting to the Head of Business Service. Within 14 months an opportunity came up for the Head of Infrastructure for which I applied and was successful. There are lots of opportunities and not just within Admiral Tech but Admiral as a whole. At Admiral Tech we are always looking to bring in new talent, it's not just about 'putting people in holes' it's about ensuring we nurture the talent we have, upskilling and developing those in current positions and bringing in new talent to expand our knowledge and capabilities across the department.

What's your favourite thing about your role?

The variation! I get to interact with so many different people and fractions within Admiral Tech and the business. Fundamentally it's the people. The culture here is second to none. When you first start within the company you quickly realise it's the people that make the business.