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The people that make our digital vision possible: Meet our Head of Change, Matt

Technology is at the heart of Admiral’s business. From Cloud through to Devops and Agile delivery, our technology department is an exciting and fast-paced environment to work in.

Technology is getting smarter by the second, which makes this a hugely important department but one which is also fun, friendly and relaxed. We believe that an informal, team-spirited environment where people pull together, especially in times of pressure, increases productivity.

We recently met up with Matt, our Head of Change, to find out more. Matt started at Admiral 13 years ago and has had various roles throughout his career here; from Technical Project Manager to CIO, and now he’s Head of Change. Matt’s also more recently completed his MBA at Cardiff University (not to mention also completed an Ironman outside of work!).

What do you do in Admiral Tech as Head of Change?

I look after all change for the UK Insurance Business with a focus on technology.

What do you enjoy most about working for Admiral Tech?

I’ve always liked the fact that if you’re willing to try something and get stuck in, there are lots of opportunities, your destiny is in your own hands. It’s also a healthy environment to work in.

What do you think really sets Admiral Tech apart from the competition?

There are a few things here; the fact that we’re the biggest tech employer in South Wales, given the size of the department. Also, we talk about becoming a tech company that sells insurance, but really this has always been the case. We were the very first direct-to-phone insurer, there’s Confused tech – the very first comparison website and Elephant - one of the first direct to consumer web only insurance providers. Tech has always been at the heart of the business and continues to be.

We understand the importance of digital to the future and we’re investing a lot into it.

Do you think there are lots of opportunities to grow and develop here?

We have a sizeable budget for learning and development – we’re investing in certification courses, through to an all-encompassing online learning tool, PluralSight. Staff also have the ability to learn as part of their day-to-day job.  

What’s the culture like at Admiral Tech and how is it changing?

We’ve moved from having a structured waterfall approach to an agile environment and culture. We are seeking to give our Delivery team as much autonomy as possible to deliver and prioritise their work.

What’s the most exciting project or upcoming change happening within Admiral Tech?

There are a few ongoing.. We are embracing digital to ultimately delight customers.  We also have our move to cloud – using new cloud technology for scalability and flexibility, amongst other exciting projects and changes.

Where is Admiral Tech heading?

I think that tech is moving to an eco system based model generally over the world and if you’re not capable of playing in that field, you’ll be left behind.

We’re embracing the power of tech more and more with rapid progression in tech as a key investment of the business. 

How will the department look in the future?

The business will drive prioritisation, and tech will increase and improve to deliver what is needed. I think we’ll see fewer conversations about tech and the business being two distinct things and everything will be a change project.

It’s an exciting opportunity for people given the point in the journey we’re at and the level of change that’s around the corner.

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