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The people that make our digital vision possible: Meet Simon, one of our Enterprise Architects

Simon joined Admiral Tech around a year ago, as an Enterprise Architect, following eight years working in the UAE in consultancy-based roles.

How did you get into your role and how does Admiral Tech differ to your previous company?

I decided after eight years it was time for me to come back home to my family in Cardiff. I took a six-month career break and then began looking for something locally.

I wasn’t necessarily looking to climb the career ladder.  I was looking for more of an intellectually challenging role, where I could make a direct contribution to add value to an organisation.

I began my career working for an insurer, so joining Admiral meant I came full circle with my career. I’m a qualified Underwriter and Chartered, so there was an element of being able to re-use some of my expertise and increase the contribution I could make to the business. Of course, the 15-minute commute versus the 3-4 flights per week was also very appealing to me!

I saw myself at Admiral as I could help and focus all my efforts and direction into one organisation; I thought I could see more outcomes and feel a part of the success, as I would be wholly vested in the results. Whereas, in my previous consulting roles, you’re helping various businesses and constantly moving on.

What do you do in Admiral Tech?

I ensure that how we use and deploy technology produces the best outcomes for the organisation. It’s not just about IT, it’s about deploying the right technology, skills and people to make sure the business can reach its strategic goals. A recent piece of work has involved supporting the CIO in creating a new version of IT strategy and delivering it to the board.

What do you most enjoy about your role?

Visibility and impact. I have sight of some of the most important aspects of the business – and then I’m able to reach down into the organisation and actually touch what’s happening, to ensure we’re contributing to the business goals. It is very varied and challenging!

Do you think there are lots of opportunities to grow and develop here?

Yes. Personally, for me, it’s not about climbing the ladder or looking for other roles. I’ve always believed in learning and I don’t think I’ll ever stop. There are always opportunities to learn and it’s a fantastic place for that.

What’s the culture like at Admiral Tech and how is it changing?

The department is changing; IT started as a support function, focusing on the back-office support stuff. Now it’s got more recognition across the business and the company is IT focussed; how the organisation thinks of its tech, and how to deploy change to become more collaborative and exploratory, is at the forefront.

In the past, we’d build IT to last 10—20 years, but now we’re seeing more change in the way we deal with IT. New technology is coming in faster, so how the business plans for this is important.

What’s the most exciting project or upcoming change happening within Admiral Tech?

The most exciting thing for me is the continuation of the digital revolution. For Admiral, it’s been a telephony-based company for 20+ years, But the younger generation sometimes like to use online communication channels, which is likely to result in a change for the organisation.

There are so many new ways to interact and engage with our customers, so another important area of change is how to deliver the same great customer service and products through these new channels and digital world.

Do you have any advice for anyone thinking of joining Admiral Tech?

Collaboration and building relationships are key. If you come from another IT organisation, you may be used to rigid processes, but it’s not like that here. This comes with its own set of challenges and opportunities; you can really take responsibility for things that you would have previously thought were not in your power. The expectation here is that people grow into and expand their role.

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