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From BDM to IPM - The story of one of our MBA's

Bhaskar gained his MBA in 2016, from Darden School of Business at the University of Virginia. Prior to working for the Admiral Group, he spent four years working for his family’s retail fashion business in North India.

‘’My first experience of the Admiral Group was during my first year of study at Darden, when Elephant (Admiral’s USA subsidiary) did a presentation about Admiral on the campus. I heard from Henry Engelhardt, the Group founder and CEO at the time, who spoke about the culture and success of the company. I was attracted to working for a start-up business that was growing in the US.’’

‘’Elephant visited again during my second year of study, and I had an opportunity to interact with the leadership team at Elephant  and learn about the roles on offer. I could see this was the opportunity I was looking for, as I wanted hands on work within the financial services sector. Also, the leadership team explained how the opportunity would allow me to get involved in the whole journey of projects, rather than just being involved in ideas, presentations and numbers. You have an opportunity to own the process and make the ideas happen. In that sense, it is very different from other companies recruiting at business schools.’’

Bhaskar joined Elephant in June 2016, alongside four friends from the University of Virginia.

‘’My first year was spent working as a Business Development Manager within the Claims department. An interesting project came up when Henry Engelhardt, the previous CEO, asked ten teams to create a business plan for Elephant. I led the ‘Safe Car’ business plan, where we proposed the idea to launch an insurance product focused on the cars that have new safety features.”

Bhaskar then joined Admiral UK as an International Pricing Manager, and has now progressed to  Head of Pricing within our Travel Insurance department.

‘Admiral launched Travel Insurance in November 2017; it’s still a new venture for Admiral so we are learning new things every day and continuously adapting ourselves. We are using our existing pricing knowledge of motor and home insurance and adapting it to travel insurance, whilst discovering how we can be different and innovative compared to the rest of the market. The Travel Insurance department is a small, closely-knit team with a start-up atmosphere. On any given day, we have more ideas than resources, which keeps work exciting and challenging.’’

‘’In Admiral, my main challenge has been prioritising work, as there are  many exciting projects available within Pricing, so it’s important to focus on delivering the most important ones.  If I were to call upon the skills I’ve relied upon in Admiral, that would be my ability to analyse numbers and understand details, but equally important is being able to build relationships with people across the business.’’

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