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Hanna talks about her return to full-time employment after having children and why the New Business department at Admiral was a great place to start her career

After being a full-time mum for a period, Hannah decided that she wanted to get back into work and started with us in 2010 as an Inbound Sales Consultant.

‘’It was a big deal for me getting back into work, so I wanted to make sure I was joining a nice company to work for. I did lots of research on various places to work and Admiral seemed to come up a lot as a good company to work for. The support, understanding and flexibility I’ve experienced in my 8 years here has been amazing.’’

You’re a manager now, so how long were you an Inbound Sales Consultant before you moved on to the next opportunity?

‘’I was an Inbound Sales Consultant for 6 years - I stayed in this role for a long time as I was good at the job and the incentive was very good.

After 6 years I decided that I was ready for a fresh, new opportunity, and volunteered to help trainers look after new starters during their training. I really enjoyed this role, I felt as though I was contributing more, sharing my 6-years of experience and knowledge with new staff.

I had this extra responsibility on top of my role and in total supported 4 new intakes. I learned all I could in terms of helping and supporting new starters and it inspired me to go further and apply for a senior role in the department.’’

Can you talk a bit about your career after you supported the training of new starters?

I moved into a Senior position for 18 months – I had a lot more responsibility and one of the main ones was ensuring I built strong relationships with my team. If you build strong relationships based on trust and support, it makes everything much easier, as at the end of the day, as a Senior, you’re there to help and support your team.

As a Senior, I felt I had direct input in helping my team grow, learn and develop-I found this came quite naturally to me and enjoyed the role. I think when you enjoy what you do, you become really good at it.

A natural step for me after being a Senior was to move into a Team Manager position, which I have done for the past 18 months. In this role I’m able to make a real difference to my team and the department; I bring new ideas to the table and help make improvements. I’m also currently completing an internal qualification (called the TPD Gold Plan) and the externally recognised ILM Level 5 qualification, which will help me in gaining knowledge in management. I’m also completing a placement in Customer Services to gain a wider view of the business.

What would you say to someone considering joining the New Business department?

New Business is a great place to start your career – the support and culture are fantastic –there’s always someone to help you learn and progress and everyone is willing to help each other.

I was encouraged to develop by my managers, and the company has invested in me and my development, so I want to pass that on to my team and help them achieve their goals.

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