Inside Admiral

Where can Admiral take your career?

Kay joined Admiral in 2016 as an Inbound Sales Consultant, talking to customers, selling our motor products in our Llansamlet office, Swansea. Twelve months on, he proved his adaptability and resilience (two key things Inbound Sales look for in their staff) and was promoted to a Senior in the department. After 6-months as a Senior, Kay is now a Trainer working towards his Level 5 ILM qualification. Here’s Kay's full journey and how his background and experiences have led him to be successful.

Tell us what your previous roles have entailed

''As an Inbound Sales Consultant, the role mostly involved phone work. I found the job challenging, but I found that I thrived on this challenge and it was exciting. It wasn’t long before I took on extra responsibility to become a ‘Tasc (Training and Support Coach) Force Agent’, essentially, doing more operational bits, acting as deputy Senior.

I thrived with this new responsibility and it only added to my motivation to succeed and push my career forward.

After 12-months, I was promoted to Senior, helping to manage a very successful, diverse and experienced team.

Moving into a management position was a big step for me, but again, I relished in the opportunity to prove myself. The amount of help and support I received from other Team Managers was amazing and helped me to adapt quickly.''

It sounds like you’ve had lots of support throughout your career here?

''I've had lots of support, I think that’s an Admiral thing, all through the company and no matter what position you’re in, you get great managers and mentors who push you to be the best you can be.  

When I decided to go for the Trainer role I had so much support from my manager who encouraged me to apply for it. I think she saw something in me, she knew my strengths and that I’d be good at it.

I’ve been very lucky that I’ve had a manager that changed my life. She mentored me and helped polish me into a thriving, hardworking person and it’s because of her that I am where I am today. That’s what you get with Admiral, an abundance of help, support, challenges that push you out of your comfort zone (if that’s what you want) and lots of opportunities to be grabbed.''

How are you enjoying your new Trainer role?

''Five months in, its good, again challenging, but I’m getting used to it and finding my feet.

In my Trainer role, I’m responsible for delivering end to end inductions for Inbound Sales roles. I also currently complete a lot of performance management for the department.''

What did you think about the culture and Llansamlet office when you first joined?

''When I first started out my career in Admiral, I noticed that the culture was quite different from my Nigerian background, but with everyone around me so welcoming and helpful, it made it a smooth transition.

The Llansamlet office has changed a lot since I joined. The change to the layout of the building internally to a nice open plan space has created a great atmosphere and feeling on the floor. I quite like working in this office, it’s all one floor, you can see and interact with everyone who works here, it creates a nice buzz.''

What is the best thing about Admiral and why?

''I would say it’s the people I work with – you spend a lot of time in work, 40 hours a week so the reality is, you end up spending more time in work than in own house. So, if you haven’t got lovely people around you in work, people you enjoy spending time with, then you’re literally spending 60-70% of your life in an unhappy situation.

The people we have working here really do make it a great place to be, it has a family feel to it and doesn’t make coming into work, feel like work, because you’re coming in to also see friends.''

What advice would you give to someone applying for a job here?

Just be yourself and give 100% every single day. Even if some days you feel like you can’t do it, you can! The support is always there, you are valued, and your role is just as important as anybody else’s in the business.