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Cellan - Working with Autism

With the help of his father, the People Services (HR) team, and various managers from around the business, Cellan, who has a form of autism, completed several work placements before recently being offered a full-time position. ‘’I had help from my dad securing the first 4-week placement; he suggested Admiral, and I'd heard what a nice company it was to work for.’’

Due to his love of Maths, Cellan joined the Business Analyst team as a Data analyst on a 4-week placement. ‘’I found it a really good experience as it tied in well with my education. I’ve always been pretty good at Maths; I’d completed 4 years studying the subject at Aberystwyth University.

‘’During these 4-weeks I had the option of completing various tasks and projects. One project was looking at critical path analysis and I was asked to use computer software, SAS to enable me to do this. SAS was a whole new experience for me and a huge learning curve. I was given SAS training – it was very interesting, and I’m pleased that to say that I ended up learning how to use it’’.

‘’After the 4-weeks, I was offered a 6-week work placement in MI (Management Information). I was able to use my skills learned previously in SAS and SQL and I focused on learning how to put data together in a meaningful way to produce reports. Departments from around the business rely on such reports to make strategic decisions, so I felt I had a vital part to play in the production and delivery of this.

After my second very interesting work placement, I was offered a position with IT as a Data Support Officer, which has been a completely different experience in a new environment. My responsibility here has been to redeploy jobs and make sure they are scheduled in an appropriate flow, so that jobs can run on certain times and days – it’s a lot of planning and organising!’’

We asked Cellan what he thought about working for Admiral, his experience so far and where he sees himself going in the future. ‘’I’ve really enjoyed my time at Admiral, I’ve realised how flexible the company really is.

‘’The fact that I’m autistic and find new situations quite daunting, I was worried about starting each placement as I didn’t really know what to experience, but this feeling has gotten better as I’ve gotten to know people in the company and on my teams, so it has become less daunting over time.

Building relationships has been key for me, as this has previously been difficult, but this has also improved; I’m more able to understand people and they’ve gotten to understand me and the ways I work.

I realise that I’ve been given lots of opportunities which I’m grateful for and I’ve been able to build upon my working experience, using my degree, interacting and socialising with people. Its been such a valuable experience and I’m looking forward to a long future at Admiral.’’

Ben Moriarty, Recruitment Manager, has been liaising with managers throughout the business to secure Cellan’s work placements. ‘’At Admiral we have an appreciation of the attributes people from diverse backgrounds can bring. Sometimes people with autism may find it difficult to find work experience or secure a full-time position, so it’s been a real pleasure working alongside Cellan and seeing him happy in his new career. Cellan has a fantastic work ethic and a great personality, his appetite to learn and develop has really impressed everyone he’s worked with. He has a very bright future and I’m really pleased he’s enjoying his new role.’’

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