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Adii’s journey - from analyst internship to placement year in Pricing

We recently caught up with Adii who joined our Undergraduate Summer Internship 2018. He is now completing a placement year within our Pricing and Analytics function and will return to university in the autumn to complete the final year of his degree in Economics & Finance at Cardiff University.

Why did you choose your degree and university?

I decided on Economics as I really enjoyed it at A level and chose to combine it with Finance to make it more applied to the business world. I choose Cardiff University, because the Business School and Post Graduate Teaching Centre really took my interest at the open day. We were able to use the trading room to take part in stimulated trading. This really sold it to me – I loved how modern and unique it was.

How did you find out about our Undergraduate Summer Internship?

At the start of my second year at university, I started looking for a summer internship as I wanted to gain experience, apply what I had learnt to an actual business scenario, and hopefully get a graduate job offer. I received an email from the uni about Admiral coming in to talk about their student opportunities. I had never considered an insurance company before, but Admiral’s presentation was very intriguing and answered any questions I had about their internships. It really made me want to apply!

How did you end up in Pricing?

In my interview for the summer internship I was asked if there was any department I was particularly interested in. I told the interviewers I would love to work in something very maths-related and analytical to gain experience which correlates with my degree. Then, on my induction day, I was told I was going to be working in Pricing. This was amazing news for me because Admiral had really listened to what I was most interested in and allowed me to go down more of an analytical route.

What kind of things were you working on over the summer?

A lot of the work we do is quite coding-based, involving SAS. I hadn’t heard of this before my internship, but we started with lots of SAS and SQL training. During the summer, I worked on several reports, ranging from underwriting blocks to different queries. I liked that I was always being challenged with different things to do.

What made you want to stay on at Admiral for your placement year?

I really enjoyed the work I was doing and I had such a fun summer. I loved that I was able to use my coding skills that I had learnt at sixth form and put these into practice. I also really loved my team - we got to know each other really well during my internship and I just didn’t want to leave!

How did you go about organising your placement year?

I knew that it would be hard, considering I was quite late to ask, and Admiral had already recruited placement students for this year. But, after speaking to the recruitment team and my manager, they were able to make it happen. I contacted my personal tutor at university about it, who confirmed that it would be possible. A member of the university came into Admiral to make sure they knew what I was going to be doing, speak to my manager, and sort out some general paperwork. My uni and Admiral were very accommodating about this and it all seemed like quite a smooth process.

What are you working on now?

I am working on a few different projects. One of them is helping with the underwriting on a customer journey project. This involves giving my pricing perspective on change proposals to the customer journey, running various models, analysing data and completing rate changes. I have remained in the same department, with the same team I had during my internship, which is great.

How do you think working here has benefitted you?

At University I learnt about what the FCA do, how they regulate companies and how they’re financed. Now I’m here I’m seeing first-hand how they actually treat and regulate companies like Admiral. But more so, it will help my interpersonal skills such as time management and organisation.

What have you most enjoyed about working at Admiral?

The culture! Although it’s an office job, it just doesn’t feel like you’re working in an office. Everyone is so laid back and relaxed - for example, nearly every day our team go off to play a bit of table tennis in the kitchen area. I also think one of the biggest perks about the summer internship is the shared living accommodation. Admiral pays for all the interns to stay in a shared house only a 2-minute walk away. This was an amazing way for us to get to know each other and bond outside of work. By the end of the summer, it just felt like we were one big group of friends.


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