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Jacob – a stop gap turned specialist Senior in Claims

We caught up with Jacob who’s recently moved into a senior role in a specialist area of Claims after starting at Admiral as a stop gap…

Why did you join us?

After finishing university at the Royal Welsh College of Music and Drama, I didn’t really know what I wanted to do with my career, but I did know that I wanted to stay in South Wales.  

What did the early stages of your career look like?

I joined the Newport office as a Credit Hire Handler, which is part of the wider Claims team; reviewing invoices, making sure that what the third party is providing is correct and ensuring that we’re not overpaying as a result of a claim.

Having been a Credit Hire Handler for 2.5yrs, I was ready for a new challenge and applied for a Senior position on the team. The interview was a great experience and I took a lot from it despite not being offered the role. Following the interview, I was offered a step-up position – Negotiator. I had received interview feedback that suggested I had all the right attributes for a Senior but that I needed to build on my experience. I was happy with this and happy with being offered Negotiator as this was a step up with higher authority – and a step in the right direction to becoming a Senior!

Did becoming Negotiator prepare you for becoming a Senior?

Six months of experience as a Negotiator and doing extra projects to broaden my experience as much as possible put me in a ready good position when I came to apply for Senior second time around. I built up my skills, working on diff areas of the department, alongside this, I decided to write about interesting cases for the Hire Life Magazine.  

All that I got involved in, helped to get my name out there and build rapport with different people and areas of Claims, and the training I got involved with helped me to fill in any managerial gaps I had.

How are you finding being a Senior and what next?

Good! – There’s been lots of new things to learn but I’m really enjoying it. Having secured Senior last September, I’m already taking on a stepping up role to become a Manager. I’m currently filling in before new manager joins the team

Would you recommend someone looking for a job to go into Claims and specifically Credit Hire?

Absolutely, it’s a niche and specialised role with lots of opportunities and responsibly. I’ve been to numerous court trials and even the court of appeal where I’ve had discussions with barristers about my cases. I’ve really enjoyed managing my own caseload with the responsibility and trust from management and with the right level of support, I feel I’ve come a long way.

We previously only interviewed internal people for the role but now we hire people externally with no previous insurance experience at all!

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