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Kieran, a grad on the Welsh Data Science Graduate Programme chats to us about his first week and placement here…

We’re so proud to be one of 13 Welsh companies to get involved in the Welsh Data Science Graduate Programme, which encourages top talent to build their careers in a growing data science sector in South Wales.

“We are delighted to play a part in the South Wales Data Scientists Graduate Scheme'', said Business Analytics Manager, Sarah (pictured above). “Initiatives like this allow us to develop and keep talented individuals in South Wales and Admiral.” 

We chatted with Kieran to learn more about the programme, his experience so far and what he’s going to get involved in during his time at Admiral.

What is your educational background?

‘’I completed a physics degree at Cardiff University (I’m originally from Bath) and now I’m doing an MSc in applied data science, which is funded through the Welsh Data Science Graduate Programme.’’

How did you find yourself on the Welsh Data Science Grad Scheme and what exactly does it involve?

‘’I applied like you would with any normal job role; it’s a 2-year course and I’ll complete three 8-month rotations with three different companies. On Fridays I am in USW completing various academic units and Monday to Thursday I’m here at Admiral working on a work-based project.’’

What will you be doing here at Admiral?

‘’I’m working with Claims Analytics – quite a small team but growing quickly. With the company seeing the value in data science, this is a big area of focus. I’m currently training in SAS and looking to start my project soon, which will involve working with the department at minimising the number of open claims that will have a predicted £0 paid value.’’

How are you using your data science degree?

‘’I’m using all skills gained from my data science degree as well as using a machine learning model to assess current data for future predictions.’’

How are you finding it so far?

‘’I’m enjoying it; I’ve never worked in an office environment before – I like it, it’s very relaxed, everyone on the team is friendly and willing to help out. I was recently part of a big solutions meeting and it was good to see how everyone shared the problems they had, and different teams presented different solutions. It was nice to see people taking others advice and working collaboratively.’’

Do you have any advice to anybody thinking about doing the same programme?

‘’Data science in Wales is booming with so many companies expanding to account for this new area of focus.

For me, it was about taking my scientific degree into commercial environment, which can be hard to do with physics degree because of its academic focus. You have to have to find something to make it adaptable in a business environment.

There’s room for every science degree to fit into data science, it’s just finding a way to commercialise it and the Welsh Data Science Graduate Programme is a great way to do this.’’

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