Inside Admiral

We’re recruiting for new staff to join our rapidly growing Customer Care teams in Capital Tower

Customer Care, who were based in our head office on David Street since the building opened in 2015, have now moved to Capital Tower on Greyfriers Road. Mitchell, one of the Team Managers tells us about what it’s like to work for the department and their passion for achieving customer service excellence.

"Customer Care is now 235 strong, making up 21 teams across 3 floors in Capital Tower. The department is experiencing rapid growth, with us looking to employ many new Customer Care Consultants by March 2019”, Mitchell said. "We're eager to show people why Customer Care is a fantastic department to join.’’

1. Many opportunities and outstanding managerial support

Mitchell said ‘’With the department developing innovative methods to better service customers, opportunities are plentiful. The Customer Care department is made up of many different teams; specialist Motor and Household teams, a Validations department, Audit, Processing, Training and an Online team for social media and webchat. When I was a CCR I was offered  opportunities to join different trials, and eventually I joined the webchat team.

‘’From there I became a Senior on the team and now I’m a Team Manager, having only joined the company in 2015.

‘’Without a doubt, I’ve had some amazing support and I feel very fortunate that I’ve had the managers that I’ve had; they’ve always pushed and supported me to be the best I can be.’’

2. Amazing culture and atmosphere 

‘’Admiral is known for its fantastic culture and amazing working environment. I joined the company as the reputation sells itself and when I started here, I just fell in love with the place.

‘’With the move over to Capital Tower and our recent rebrand to Customer Care (formally Customer Services), we see it as an opportunity to do better things and service our customers even better than before; creating a customer service centre of excellence. Moving to our own space will allow us to accommodate our growing workforce and give the best to our customers.’’

3. Brand-new facilities

‘’Based just at the back of Queen Street, Capital Tower has recently been completely renovated with our amazing club house, there are cool drawings on walls that have been created by member of our team, with some amazing meeting rooms and getting ready rooms, where staff can shower. It has a really lovely feeling in the office, with that strong Admiral culture and a pretty relaxed atmosphere.’’

“We are excited about building a bigger and strong team that will play an essential role in the growth of the company and servicing our customer’s needs.” Mitchell said. ‘’We’re looking to hire those who have a passion for providing excellent service and want to lead the way to better customer interaction.”

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