Inside Admiral

Louise shares the moments she’s most proud of during her short career here!

Louise began her career, as many of us do, in the call centre. In November 2015, she joined us a New Business call handler, which was her first job after graduating.

‘‘I’d heard that Admiral was a good place to work, so decided it’d be a good place to do 6-months to tied me over before going travelling.’’

‘’I enjoyed working and making money so much that after 6 months I decided that I’d stay and continuing working for Admiral.’’

‘’After 9 months as a New Business call handler, I applied, and was successful in securing the Product Assistant role on the new CAT (car access) team, and whilst on the team I was offered to work on the rebrand of Admiral Learner Driver and Car Sharing Insurance (now Veygo). The team was such a small team that I got to be involved in a bit of everything; operations, marketing, product development, which was fantastic. The team kept growing and growing and it was lovely to watch become the success it is today.

''Around the time that we were about to launch the newly rebranded Veygo, my deferred placement on the grad scheme was approaching. It was difficult decision to make as we’d no idea if Veygo was going to be a success or not, so my decision to not go on the grad scheme was a risky one.

''I realised that I already had a lot of the experiences that I would’ve gained through completing the grad scheme such as marketing, operations and product development. One of the main issues holding me back was the valuable training that the grad scheme offers that I’d be missing out on.

''Talking through this with my manager, they offered to put me through the CIM Certificate which was great.

''There have been opportunities after opportunities at Admiral. This July my role on the Veygo team has changed slightly in that I’m now a Business Development Executive and am training in, product development and learning how to code.''

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