Inside Admiral

Rebecca and her passion for doing the right thing for the customer sees her secure a promotion...

‘’Customer Assurance has gone from being a very small team, to a huge, cross site one, with lots of opportunities for people to specialize, grow and develop their career.’’

Having joined the company as a Customer Service (CS) handler back in September 2013, Rebecca became a step-up Senior in the summer of 2017.

‘’I stayed in the CS department for so long as it had a great family feel and was a nice environment to work in. At the same time as being a step-up Senior, I was asked to help the CS complaints team who were a small team formed to help Central Quality with a range of different complaints.

‘’This gave me a taster for complaint handling, which I thoroughly enjoyed; no two days were ever the same on the team as complaints are all different, it keeps the job fresh and interesting.

''Having enjoyed complaint handling so much I applied for a permanent position with Central Quality and became a complaints handler. In September 2017 the Central Quality team rebranded as Customer Assurance and in May 2018, I became a Senior Complaints Executive.

''The teams in Customer Assurance are made up of several handlers, a Senior and a Manager. As a Senior on a team, I help the Team Manager with the management side of things; dealing with any personal issues, providing support between the handlers and the Manager, complete any necessary management admin, complete evaluations, any monitoring and escalations with regards to complaints.

''I’m getting on with my new role well, there’s so much variety and a lot going on – no two days are ever the same!''

''The Customer Assurance department is still growing and establishing themselves; at the moment there’s sub departments within Customer Assurance, including Outcomes, Complaint Handlers and Complaint Prevention and we have complaint handlers in Cardiff, Swansea and Halifax, Canada.

''With a new team and new people comes a lot of fluid movement and opportunities. It’s been nice to see the department grow from strength to strength.

''It’s important for anyone who wants to join the Customer Assurance team to be able to think outside of the box, as we are the final point of contact before the customer potentially goes to the Financial Ombudsman, so we need to think of and look at every possible outcome. We need to go the extra mile for customers and we have the autonomy to offer alternatives to the customer. Obviously if you need a helping hand from a knowledgeable team member or your Senior or Manager, there is always someone there on hand for support.

''In terms of someone’s suitability to the role, the roles require a certain level of emotional intelligence, due to the nature of the work you will be responsible for. You need to have the right mind set to as you’re dealing with complaints day in and day out, however no complaint is the same, as complaints by their very nature are all different. You need to understand and have empathy for the customer, you need to be able to understand the circumstance and see things from their point of view and then use your initiative to offer the customer a fair resolution.

''There is also a fantastic training and development scheme available in Customer Assurance as we are striving to be a centre of excellence for good customer outcomes. There are good development programmes for whatever role you’re in; development plans for handlers and training plans for Managers, which means that everyone is always progressing in their career and expanding on their knowledge and skill set.

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