Inside Admiral

Proud sponsors of this year’s Pride Cymru’s Big Weekend!

This summer we are proudly supporting Pride Cymru as main sponsors of their Big Weekend, Wales’ largest annual celebration of LGBT+ equality that takes place from Friday 24th August to Sunday 26th August. We’re busy getting ready to join the parade again this year and in support of Pride Cymru’s #ProudToBeMe campaign, we asked some of our employees what being proud to be themselves at Admiral means to them and we’ll be sharing these stories on the run up to the event. Here’s what Arianne had to say ‘’’I’m proud to be me at Admiral, where the relaxed dress code means I can express myself to my fullest – even if that means wearing a pride flag to work!‘’

As proud sponsors of Pride Cymru’s Big Weekend this August we’re sharing staff’s #ProudToBeMe stories –

Arianne - ‘’I’m proud to be me at Admiral, where the relaxed dress code means I can express myself to my fullest – even if that means wearing a pride flag to work!‘’

Matthew - ‘’I am #ProudToBeMe at Admiral as I feel I am treated equally, allows me to be myself and never feels like my sexuality holds me back. Everyone accepts me for who I am and never looks at me at anything other than a co-worker, colleague and friend. Admiral has also given me the ability to interact with many new people also open about their sexuality, and where it doesn’t feel like we are made to feel ashamed or that we have to keep it private. We are all a part of the Admiral family and it will continue to grow.’’

Marysia - ‘’I am #ProudToBeMe at Admiral because I have always felt accepted and comfortable around everyone I have met here. I proudly display my rainbow flag on my desk and I can’t wait to be a part of representing Admiral in the parade at Pride Cymru!’’

Rhys - ‘’I have worked at Admiral for over 20 years and every day here has given me #ProudToBeMe moment. In a good way, no-one has really cared what my sexual orientation is – they care about what type of person and worker I am! Never has anyone in Admiral left me feeling embarrassed to be who I am nor, have I been held back in my career choices. Admiral sponsoring high profile events such as Pride Cymru reinforces how diverse and welcoming my workplace is and why I am #ProudToBeMe in, or out, of work''.

Twm - ‘’Admiral not only support the way I live my life, they encourage it. Away from Ty Admiral, I work as a drag queen and have found my second job to merge into Admiral life on more than a few occasions; performing at awards ceremonies, pride parades and other staff do’s. I even got two birthday cards this year, one for me and one for my alter ego! Working in an environment where a multitude of people ranging from customer reps to operations managers are open about their sexualities is an incredibly healthy environment which encourages you to work hard as the only walls in place are the ones you’ve created yourself.‘’

Rich - ‘’I am proud to be me at Admiral because, from the moment I joined almost four years ago, I have felt valued and accepted without having to hide who I am. In that time, I have always known that my colleagues and others around the office would respect me regardless of my sexuality. Not only this, but I met my partner while working for Admiral thanks to us both feeling comfortable enough to be out to our colleagues, and we couldn’t be happier! #ProudToBeMe.’’