Inside Admiral

Nick went from Junior Database Developer to Head of Data Platform for with three promotions in three years!

Nick who has been working for since finishing university, joined as a Junior Database Developer covering maternity leave. As he was approaching the end of the maternity cover, one of the other team members left, so Nick was asked to stay as a permanent member of staff.

At his annual appraisal, Nick was promoted to Database Developer, a further year after this; Senior Database developer and another year later, he became Database Team Leader.

 ‘’When I began as Database Team Leader, I amalgamated the teams (Data Warehouse Development, Database Administrators and Database Development), allowing for each member of the team to increase their knowledge and expertise, removing silos and increasing visibility of the entire data platform also removing any previous communication barriers. This has proved very successful’’.

Having recently secured another promotion as Head of Data platform, Nick’s responsibility has expanded to cover the entire data platform as well as operational level responsibility for his team, which has included testers. The team rebranded to the Data Development Team as it was no longer only involved in database development but a multitude of data solutions.

In 2018, Nick’s team migrated the data warehouse to a new platform, and now complete, they are looking to what’s next on the technology horizon, particularly in provisioning big data for business use, to give the best chance of increasing its efficiency and profitability.

As the original comparison site in the UK, gets 50,000 hits on its site a day and relies upon having up to the minute data to give the most accurate and reliable insurance deals. They are always looking for new services to offer their customers from the insights learnt from the customer interactions on site.

Some of the more exciting projects Nick is part of is the database release process and changing how the team works moving to a continuous delivery in the data management lifecycle.

“The aim for all development teams at is have end-to-end responsibility for the solution they are developing, improve accuracy and therefore minimize risk, at the same time as reducing the time to release. We want to be able to deploy at 4pm on a Friday afternoon”

As our data platform is now established, we are continuously looking into new ventures, which relies heavily on testing both in data quality and regression, rich data stores at low costs and the right tooling to give the highest availability and uptime for our service. For example, our recent move to the new platform from Admiral Swansea Data centre was our biggest change to the data estate yet, this was supported by the entire team and was without issue or delay to any of our services.

‘I count myself lucky to work with such a talented group of people on my team, who really believe in the business and continuing our success. They have such a strong passion for what they do, superb attention to detail, awareness of our data strategy, business processes and a wealth of expertise.’’

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