Inside Admiral

Welcome to our 2018 grads!

Today we have welcomed 10 new grads aboard our graduate programme – 2 of them internal and 8 of them external. 2 of them have joined our analyst programme, and 8 have joined on our core programme. A further 15 grads will be joining us in September.

Throughout the programme our new grads will gain exposure to a number of areas across the business such as Loans, Marketing, Travel Insurance and the Car Access Team. During their placements, they will have the opportunity to bring and implement fresh ideas, develop their project management skills and really make a difference to our business. 

Before this, they will be undertaking a 5 week induction consisting of training, department introductions and a chance to speak to some of our customers. This will provide them with an understanding of how our business functions and the tools and skills they need to embark on their first placements.

We will keep you posted on how our grads are getting on within their placements. If the graduate programme is something that you are interested in, we will be recruiting again in the autumn for start dates in 2019 so keep an eye out!