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Grads 2018 - first update

The latest cohort of grads joined Admiral in February 2018 and underwent 5 weeks of training to give them an understanding of the business and the insurance industry. The grads come from a variety of backgrounds with Sam, Lydia and Owen having previously worked for Admiral and Jenna and Tim completing the internship last summer before joining the grad scheme. The rest of the group are brand new to the company.

The grads completed the end of their 5 week induction and enjoyed a boat trip and social to celebrate. They have now completed a month in their first placements across the business and are settling in well. They have contributed to Admiral’s charitable efforts, collecting over 380 chocolate Easter eggs for the Wallich charity to be donated to the homeless of South Wales.

You can read in more detail what our grads have been up to since they started in their placements below:  

Jenna, Maths (Birmingham Uni), Feb 2018 intake (Core programme)

Jenna has joined Product Lab for her first placement, which is a new department focusing on cutting-edge products and new and innovative ways of utilising data. As part of a small team, she is getting exposure to all the different areas including marketing, customer relationship management and MI, although her main focus is on product. So far, her role has involved delivering a weekly report detailing product updates and daily stats, completing a website review and getting changes made, and testing and managing the implementation of technology innovations into our chatbot, so it’s been really varied. The placement has also been a great opportunity to build her understanding of new product launches, project planning and the importance of continuous communication with key stakeholders around the business.

Bethan, Business (Marketing) (Cardiff Uni), Feb 2018 intake (Core programme)

Bethan has recently joined the Marketing and Product Team in Admiral Loans, where she is working in ecommerce and improving the website and customer journey. She’s spent the last few weeks learning how to use Google Analytics, identifying and making changes to the Loans and Car Finance website and settling into the team. She has found it to be a really valuable placement so far and is learning something new every day.  

Daniel, Maths (Cardiff Uni), Feb 2018 intake (Analyst programme)

Daniel’s first placement is in pricing within Travel Insurance. The first few weeks have been largely focused on learning programming languages in SAS and using these to create a couple of reports on Underwriting and Hazardous Activities. As well as this, Daniel has spent time testing and reporting on the product’s position on aggregator sites. Travel Insurance has very recently launched on the aggregator site MoneySuperMarket, and Daniel has been involved in price testing in the lead up to launch. The rest of Daniel’s placement is going to be spent analysing sales and claims data to ensure that our Travel Insurance product continues to be priced appropriately.

Meera, Accounting and Finance (Cardiff Uni), Feb 2018 intake (Core programme)

Meera’s first placement is in Veygo as a Product Analyst. In this role, Meera collaborates with Operations, Marketing and Design to ensure that their business and customer needs are met, so that this can be communicated to the developers for the platform to be built correctly and in the most efficient way. As part of this, Meera has had to interact with these stakeholders and learn a lot about the products and processes in a short space of time. During Meera’s placement she will also work on the implementation of a new platform.

Since Meera started this placement, she has also conducted research into new features the team may wish to implement in future. Meera has gained some exposure to Agile and LEAN methodology, and is looking forward to expanding this, as well as interacting further with other departments in the business and building her skill base.

Tim, Accounting and Finance (Cardiff Uni), Feb 2018 intake (Core programme)

Tim’s first placement is in Travel as a Product Analyst. Within this role he focuses on improving the customer journey. This involves using a variety of tools such as Session Cam and Google Funnel, utilising competitor analysis, as well as collaborating with Studio, Compliance and Design to ensure that customer’s needs and expectations are met. Travel is currently undergoing an overhaul of its website and is working hard to ensure it goes live soon. As Travel is a new department, a large part of Tim’s role also involves testing, as the team prepare to launch on aggregators, as well as bug fixes in collaboration with IT.

Since starting this placement, Tim has also researched a number of ways that the team can improve its products. So far, Tim has found Travel to be a great first placement, as it's a new team and, as the team is small, it gives him exposure to operations, pricing, risk, product and underwriting. Tim is looking forward to gaining even more exposure in the future.

Simon, Maths and Spanish (Swansea Uni), Feb 2018 intake (Analyst programme)

Simon is currently in his first placement in the Business Intelligence department at He has settled well with the team and is enjoying the challenge of getting up to speed with SQL, Tableau, Azure ML, R and Python. He has met with all the product owners at to get a better understanding of the whole organisation, created a number of dashboards to help other departments view their data and has also performed analysis on data to answer specific questions from around the business. Simon is looking forward to improving his coding and analytical skills and carrying out more predictive and diagnostic analysis. 

Lydia, Geography, Internal Loans Programme

Lydia is the Admiral Loans Graduate. She will be doing all of her placements in Admiral Financial Services and will be doing 9 month rotations around the Admiral Loans department. Lydia’s first placement is business support where she has spent the first couple of months doing mini projects for a wide range of areas within Admiral Loans. For example, this includes putting together packs for senior managers and looking at WFM for the front line agents.

Owen, French and History (Aberystwyth), Feb 2018 intake (Core programme)

Owen has recently started his first placement in the Data Protection and Privacy team, helping implement vital policy changes in time for the introduction of the GDPR. Making good use of his linguistic skills, this GDPR-specific work involves liaising closely with Admiral Group’s Spanish and French operations, assisting with the editing of policy documents.

“Data Protection is completely different to anything else I’ve done before, academically and professionally, so it’s been quite a steep learning curve. Every day there are new obstacles and challenges to overcome, but I enjoy the variety and have a lot of support from a fantastic team. It’s great to feel that you’re making a difference and I get a real sense of satisfaction from getting the job done.”

Seren, International Relations (Loughborough), Feb 2018 intake (Core programme)

Seren has recently joined the Risk department and is a part of a team involved in managing Admiral’s operational risks. She’s spent the last few weeks getting to know the team and understanding the work the department does and the parameters of her new role. She is being trained on the company’s risk management system and has found the placement to be interesting so far. Her initial project is to improve the process of communication between Internal Audit and Risk to facilitate departmental risk reviews and ensure risk registers are accurate and up to date. Seren sees great benefit in doing her first placement within a Group function as it is giving her exposure to the business as a whole and is looking forward to the next few months with Risk.


Would you like to join the grad scheme? Applications will open in the autumn and we have both a February and September start date, so you could be starting on the scheme from next Feb.