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The top 7 traits we look for in a candidate applying to join our call centres

We pride ourselves on being a very diverse, honest and open place to work. We’re always looking for people who can bring new experiences and perspectives to our teams. If you’re looking for an employer who values ambition, eagerness, inquisitiveness and a desire to learn, then a role at Admiral may be what you’re looking for.

To apply and be successful in a contact centre role at Admiral, no previous experience working in insurance or a call centre is required. Your eagerness to work here, a desire to deliver great customer service, along with ambition and enthusiasm are valued over any previous experience.

The top 7 traits we look for in a candidate are:

  1. Passion for the customer and delivering great service
  2. Positive, can do attitude 
  3. Honesty 
  4. Enthusiasm for the job and your colleagues
  5. Resilience 
  6. Hardworking
  7. Engaging 

You also don’t need any specific qualifications to join the contact centre teams at Admiral, if you have the above traits then you already have the core skills and attributes that we value in our team. We provide in-depth and ongoing training during your time with us for all other skills you need to be successful in your role.

With Admiral being such a fast-growing company, there are plenty of opportunities to grow your career here.

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