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Jenna’s Maths and Business degree took her from Internship to Graduate Programme

Jenna joined our Undergraduate Summer Internship in 2016. She then completed her final year at the University of Birmingham, studying Maths and Business Management, before returning to Admiral to join our Graduate Programme in 2018.

Can you tell us a bit about your university background?

Maths was the subject I enjoyed most in school and I thought completing a degree in the subject would help me to build the kind of skills employers tend to look for. Business Management gave my degree real-life application and helped develop my commercial awareness as well. Birmingham was one of the few universities that offered the degree combination I was looking for, plus it was a campus university and only a short train journey from the city centre. The university itself had a real family feel as well; everyone was friendly and I left university with many friends across a range of subjects and years.

What made you apply for the Admiral Undergraduate Summer Internship?

I wasn’t really sure what I wanted to do after university, but knew it would be beneficial career-wise to complete an internship before leaving. Being from South Wales, I already knew lots about Admiral as a company and its reputation as a great place to work. Whilst applying for various internships, my Dad mentioned something to me about Admiral offering a summer internship so, of course, I applied.

How did you find the recruitment process?

The process was quick and communication was very good. I was never waiting to hear back from the recruitment team like I was with a lot of other companies; they always kept me in the loop.

What did you work on over the summer?

I worked on ‘First Car Quote’ during the start-up stage. Working here gave me real exposure, as I was working in a small team essentially launching a new product. I had to ensure that I was communicating and having regular meetings with the relevant departments. My manager gave me a lot of responsibility, but we regularly caught up to discuss how things were going and how I was getting on.

What convinced you to stay at Admiral?

The whole three month experience convinced me to stay. The training was thorough and the people I met over the summer were helpful, friendly and really treated me like part of the team. The interns also had the opportunity to get involved in a project with the MBA interns; we had two days to come up with a business plan and present it to senior managers across the business. It was great fun and gave me a real insight into Admiral’s innovative culture.

What have you been doing since joining the Graduate Programme?

I’ve joined Product Lab, which is a new department focusing on cutting-edge products and new and innovative ways of utilising data. As we’re a small team, I’m getting exposure to all the different areas including marketing, customer relationship management and MI, although my main focus is on product. The placement is a great chance to build on what I did during my internship by developing my understanding of new product launches, recognising where product improvements can be made and helping to implement technology innovations.

What advice would you give to someone applying for the Undergraduate Summer Internship?

Firstly, do some research into the business world before your interview. Secondly, be prepared for tough questions, but don’t feel disheartened; the reason they’re asking you those questions is because you’ve handled the previous questions and stages well. Most of all, just be yourself and go for it!

If you are successful, make the most of every opportunity you get and network as much as you can. It’s great to make those contacts beforehand if you come back to join the graduate programme.

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