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Admiral grads raised over £12,000 for Charity!

Our September 2017 Admiral Graduates set themselves a goal of raising £10,000 for charity.

Which charity and why?

We chose to sponsor The Wallich; a charity that strives to prevent homelessness and provide support to those experiencing homelessness across Wales. Rough sleeping in Cardiff doubled in the last two years and we’d all witnessed this firsthand on our way to and from work.

The Wallich operate an umbrella of services to support people affected by homelessness, including:

  • Advice and mediation services to prevent homelessness.
  • Food, advice and referrals to those sleeping rough. The Rough Sleeper Intervention Team (RSIT) supply hot drinks, sleeping bags, warm clothing, and breakfast.
  • Accommodation and housing advice, with specific services for those with mental health or substance misuse issues, dedicated family units, women’s services, and youth services.
  • Learning, volunteering, and employment programmes and opportunities.

We felt that the long term solutions offered to people affected by homelessness made The Wallich a great charity to support.

What have we done?

We held a series of fundraisers including a candy cane gram, a sweets in the jar event, and a St David’s Day raffle, with lots of top prizes including an iPad, hotel stays, restaurant vouchers and much much more...

The candy cane gram was an idea taken from the film ‘Mean Girls’. We raised funds by delivering Christmas candy canes to lots of staff in numerous departments throughout Ty Admiral, with well wishing messages attached. They were very generous and purchased more than one; some managers even bought them for their entire team!

The sweets in a jar event—exactly how it soundsinvolved floor walks asking Admiral staff to guess how many sweets were in the jar. Packed full of 223 lollies, chocolates and Valentine’s themed sweets, the lucky winner went home with the lot!

The St David’s Day raffle was our largest event. We were very lucky to receive generous raffle prizes from a number of local businesses across South Wales. With the help of everyone who participated across Cardiff, Newport and Swansea, we were able to raise a whopping £11,690! This involved a lot of planning, advertising and promoting to staff alongside our day jobs, but overall was a very rewarding event to be a part of.

How have The Wallich benefitted?

So far, we have raised £12,890!

On a recent visit to our Cardiff office, Mike Cowley, Senior Fundraising Manager with The Wallich,  mentioned that the funds raised so far could help to support someone for an entire year.

He continued to say...

 “We are in a period of growth as a charity where we are supporting more and more people across Wales each year, which puts additional demand on our services and our resources. This ultimately means that we need to raise more income to support our core funded activities and are looking to raise £1m by 2020 to support these vital services.

Organisations like Admiral are absolutely key to helping us achieve these aims and in raising £12k, you’re already one of our top 5 corporate supporters which is a phenomenal achievement in such a short period of time”.

We hope to continue raising money for the charity and would like to say a big thank you to all staff members across Cardiff, Newport and Swansea offices who generously donated towards this cause.

If you would like to find out more about the charity, please have a look at ‘The Wallich’ website.