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Meet Lauren - from Archaeology to the Analyst Grad Programme

Lauren joined our Analyst Graduate Programme after completing her degree in Archaeology at the University of Liverpool.

Why did you choose to study Archaeology at Liverpool?

During sixth form I enjoyed both History and Chemistry and couldn’t really choose between the two, so Archaeology was a nice mix. I chose Liverpool mostly because they could offer me a BSc; it was more chemistry focused, which meant that I could still do labs and enjoy the analytical side of the degree. The University itself was ranked 4th or 5th for my subject and the city itself was an appeal because it was a good combination of the things I was looking for in a university - night life, friendly people and not too expensive.

What made you choose Admiral’s Graduate Programme?

Towards the end of my degree, I decided I didn’t want to pursue a career in Archaeology and started to look for schemes a little more generally. I’d looked at a range of graduate positions at other companies, but what drew me to Admiral was the culture and the fact that it was based in Wales, as I was keen to move back to Wales. I also loved that it had such a huge corporate social responsibility programme; the company wasn’t just about money, but about giving back to the community.   

How was the application process?

I really liked it. The recruitment team were really friendly during my telephone interview. What stood out for me was that during my face to face interview, my interviewers recognised that what I was looking for in the graduate scheme was more suited to the Analyst scheme, than the Core. I felt that they really listened to me and it was nice that they were very flexible in terms of accommodating my switch to the Analyst programme.

Did you enjoy your first day and training?

It was great. It was really nice—as I’d just moved to a new city—that our grad cohort became friends so quickly; we immediately became a close support system for each other. Everyone we met was really friendly and it was a relaxed first day to allow us to settle in.

In terms of training, the first five weeks were just what we needed to prepare for our placements too; we had lots of training and learned so much about the company. We had talks from a variety of departments and it was enlightening to me as I never realised the breadth of what people need to do to make the company work.

What was your favourite part of training?

Taking calls in Customer Services. It gave me so much respect for the people at the forefront of the company; they are responsible for the majority of the customers’ interactions with Admiral and I think it was really important for us to understand how difficult the role can be.

Did you ever consider a career in insurance?

No, not specifically. I considered working within financial services, but I guess insurance is stereotyped as quite a boring industry. Admiral is the complete opposite of the stereotype though. I personally find it very rewarding that I get to work for an organisation that is able to support and help people out financially when things go wrong. 

What are you doing on your first placement?

I’m in Household Pricing, helping with the development and soon-to-be running, of a new insurance product. I’m also helping with general queries, which links me to the contact centre agents and the struggles they may face. It’s given me a very good understanding of how we price in household insurance.

Have you been able to apply any skills from your degree?

Yes, more than I thought. A lot of the Geology based things that I picked up in my degree have been very relevant. For example, I’ve been able to use things like GIS, which I used when completing my dissertation. Of course, I’ve been able to use the analytical skills that I picked up during my degree as well.

What are your plans for the rest of the programme?

I’d like to try MI somewhere around the business next, to improve my coding skills. It’s a really helpful thing for an analyst to pick up and an incredibly important life skill in a modern economy.

After that, I’d like to go somewhere you wouldn’t expect an analyst to go, for example Customer Assurance or the Car Access Team. Somewhere, where the idea of having an analyst on the team is quite a new concept, as it will allow me to feel like I’m really adding something to the business in a way that’s not been done before.

What’s the best thing about your job?   

How open and friendly my team are. When things come up that I don’t know how to do, I don’t feel worried or concerned that I might be getting in anyone’s way; my team are always happy to help.

Do you have any advice for someone looking to apply for the Analyst Graduate Programme?

Admiral is very much a people’s company that embraces equality within business; be friendly, interesting and understand that everyone respects everyone on the same level.

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