Inside Admiral

From Graduate Programme to Graduate Recruitment Manager in 3 years

Our very own Kat from People Services (HR) began her varied and successful Admiral career on our summer 2015 Graduate Programme where she spent 3-4 months with four diverse departments around the business building up an array of valuable experiences and skills.

Kat’s placements were with Admiral Marketing on the ECRM team, the Product Team at, and the Sharing Economy and New Motor Products team. While at, Kat was fortunate enough to be put forward to join a taskforce team that would work on a high profile project for the COO at the time. During this project Kat honed her research skills looking at the car maintenance market, creating a cost model for the cost of owning a car and looking at how this may change in the future with electric and, eventually, driverless cars.

‘’This was a great opportunity for me’’ Kat said ‘’I was in the right place at the right time, as essentially, I was an extra pair of hands at so was able to dedicate time to this project.”

People Services was Kat’s next opportunity where she completed a project for the Head of People Services and alongside this project, got involved in graduate recruitment. Kat did such a great job on the team that the Digital Recruitment team offered her a fulltime position in the department.

‘’The job offer was a great opportunity for me and one which doesn’t come up very often. After 14months of experiencing various placements and projects, it seemed like the right time to settle down in a fulltime job. My previous design experience from Marketing and my firsthand experience of the Graduate Programme would see me in good stead for this role.’’

After 7-months on the team, Kat took another opportunity within Recruitment focusing on graduate roles.

‘’I really enjoyed my time on the Digital Recruitment team; it was a great team and a really varied role. The opportunity to focus on the graduate side of recruitment made even more sense. I was keen not to lose the marketing aspect of my role in the Digital team so suggested I retain responsibility for the social media marketing of the graduate programme, which was agreed. My responsibly in this role is higher; I’m making the ultimate decision of the recruitment and selection of candidates to take forward.”

Kat has recently been promoted to Graduate Recruitment Manager on the team. She previously stepped into the management role a lot of the time when required, so had already experienced this role to a certain degree.

We asked Kat for any advice that she would give to those wanting to move up the career ladder.

‘’Always try and make a good impression and never treat any job or placement as temporary - do the best you possibly can. You’ll always have busy times but the best way to handle it is to just smile and get on with it. ’Show that you can do a great job and that you can be trusted and take responsibility and make decisions and don’t be afraid to ask for advice - be proactive.’’