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Admiral share scheme helps dreams come true

All Admiral staff members are eligible to receive free shares in the business after a year of service.
Our employees use this financial boost for everything from realising dreams of owning their own home to extreme sports and in one case self-publishing a novel.
Claims negotiator Matthew Veness used his shares to make his dreams of swimming with sharks a reality.

He said: "I used my share money to travel to Australia to complete a dream of mine and swim with the biggest fish in the sea, the Whale shark.

"I went on a 900 mile drive with my best mate from Perth to the north coast of Australia in a camper van.

"I got to do two days of diving on some of the best coral reefs seeing Puffer fish, sharks, turtles huge shawls of fish sea snakes, the lot.

"Then we went onto swimming with these eight metre sharks that made people look like the smallest things!  It was an experience to be in the water with these beautiful creatures.

"We got to see creatures such as kangaroos, massive spiders and snakes on the way and now have some hilarious stories to tell from the trip which was all funded by the shares."

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