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Senior Managers get together for Renewals training

Louisa Scadden, Head of Group Culture and Customer Experience joined the recent Renewals training. Louisa actually set the programme up after completing the Sales training herself a few years ago.

‘I spoke with David (our CEO) to tell him how great it was and he really saw the benefit in all Senior Mangers completing training like this around the business, since then it’s just expanded from there’. Said Louisa.

This year, Renewals invited our coffee morning managers to one of our Renewals induction training programmes. Senior managers from around the business including David Stevens, the CEO, Christina Nestares, the UK CEO and Chris Price, Head of Service, joined a selection of people from our support areas to complete the Renewals induction.

‘’The two weeks training is a huge challenge for trainers, usually our training programmes last for 6 weeks, so it was a lot to try and get through. It’s great because it shows that even our managers may not be as confident as you think and they also need support and training in new things.’’ Said Louisa.

The managers were put through their paces learning how to use the systems, how to save the business and fulfil the role, just the same as any agent is expected to do.

CEO David Stevens, who also joined similar training programmes in previous years said ‘’I think it’s really valuable for all senior management to understand the job day to day. I found it really stimulating in terms of seeing ideas around the business and understanding what it means to take 40-50 calls a day. Just to get a feel for the complexity of the jobs and whether the systems are helpful and what the customers are like really just keeps you in touch with the reality of the business.’’

Emma Enos, Head of Renewals said ‘’The last two weeks have been invaluable to the function, it’s allowed us to showcase the excellent job that everyone in Renewals does on a day to day basis. Thank you to everyone that’s been invoved, you have really embraced the challenge! The feedback has allowed us to further enhance and improve the service we offer our customers.’’

Louisa would like to thank everyone for their time and effort ‘I am so impressed with how our staff stay calm and deal with so many questions. They are so well trained and have developed a special skill set. We all had a member of Renewals to support us during our training, I called them my guardian angels, and they were brilliant! They all do such a fantastic job day in and day out, I’m so grateful to the trainers and the agents for taking the time and support us through the training.’’