Inside Admiral

Emily’s Journey – From Internship to Graduate Programme

Emily joined Admiral on the 2017 summer internship after finishing her degree in Philosophy at Cardiff University. She later joined the Admiral Graduate Programme in September 2017.

Why did you choose to study Philosophy at Cardiff University?

I wasn’t entirely sure what I wanted to study at university, but Philosophy is a subject that has massive scope and requires you to be very open-minded. I was keen to stay close to home, so Cardiff was ideal and the course was very diverse. I was able to study a range of topics within Philosophy, including Ethics, Science, Moral Psychology, Politics, Epistemology and even Time Travel. It was very interesting; I learned a lot.

How did you find out about Admiral?

I didn’t live far from Cardiff, so I was aware of Admiral’s presence in South Wales, but I also knew a few people working for the company. I’d heard great things about Admiral’s reputation as a place to work.

What made you apply to work at Admiral?

During the summer of my second year at university, I was keen to get some work experience at a company with a great reputation, and ideally one that was close to home. I contacted Admiral and they took me on for two weeks to learn about the People Services (HR) department. I was amazed by the incredible working culture Admiral had and just how much individuals were encouraged to reach their potential and try new things. I knew this was the kind of company I wanted to be involved in after university. The graduate programme offered a diverse range of placements across the business, hence I applied. It just so happened that I was available for the summer before the programme started, so I was very fortunate to be given the opportunity to join the summer internship as well.

How was your first day of the internship?

We were made to feel so welcome. We had a series of ice breakers and teambuilding activities to get to know each other, as well as introductions to various departments and previous grads and interns working across the business.

What did your internship project involve?

I joined People Services (HR) and was given the responsibility of collecting and collating data to profile contact centre agents, as well as observing and making recommendations to improve recruitment processes. This project was part of a wider objective to maintain employee engagement in our contact centre departments.

Did you enjoy your project?

Yes, I loved it! I approached the internship with an open mind and would have been happy to have been placed anywhere in the business, but I felt really lucky to be given the opportunity to work in an area I was particularly interested in. I was able to network with a number of teams across the business and I settled in very quickly as well.

What have you been doing since joining the graduate programme?

After the graduate programme induction, I joined the recruitment team. The first half involved managing the recruitment for our inbound sales department in Cardiff; screening applications, conducting telephone interviews and running meet and greets, whilst liaising with the department to cater to their recruitment needs. Alongside this, I worked on a project looking at the possibility of implementing psychometric testing into the recruitment process. I have now moved over to help out with graduate recruitment for the remainder of my placement. I have thoroughly enjoyed this placement and am now looking forward to exploring further areas of the business as well.

What would you say to someone thinking of applying for Admiral’s summer internship?

I couldn’t recommend applying more. If you’re in university and you’re not entirely sure where you would like your career to take you but are open minded to trying new things, apply!

Ultimately, you get out of the internship what you put in, but along the way everyone is friendly, willing to help and you’ll feel like part of the Admiral family very quickly. And if you’re looking for a graduate position after you leave university, the summer internship is a great opportunity to make a good impression and build your network as well.


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