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Grad Update December 2017

Having caught up with our grads back in August, we thought now is a great time to catch up with them again to recap on the year and find out how everyone is getting along in their placements. Our grads come from a variety of backgrounds and are spread all over the company so this is also a great insight into many different departments within Admiral.

The grads have had a busy year; for many of them this is their first fulltime job and they’ve managed to take on charity work on the side, raising over £7,000 for the British Heart Foundation throughout the year. We’ve also made time for socializing and came together for our summer social as well as the grads Christmas party. These occasions are a great opportunity to get to know each other, bond and catch up.

You can read in more detail what our grads have been up to since our last update in August below:  

Alice, Maths graduate, Feb 2017 intake (Analyst programme)

Alice has recently finished her first placement in MI. She enjoyed her time there and it was a great opportunity to learn more about a variety of departments around the company.

Alice is coming to the end of her first month at now. She joined the data insight team and is settling in well.  She has spent the last few weeks learning about their products and is looking forward to working with her new team.

Andrew, Business Studies graduate, Feb 2017 intake (Core programme)

Andrew is currently in his second placement in our central underwriting department where he is working closely with the people responsible for looking at financial crime and money laundering. Andrew analyses reports from various departments looking at Financially Sanctioned Individuals and Politically Exposed Persons. He is also working to ensure that the various facets of the business are compliant with the UK’s 4th Money Laundering Directive. This involves meeting with managers from both well established areas such as New Business and Claims to the newer products and services such as Household insurance and Loans. He has found it a valuable placement as it has given him a regulatory/risk based perspective to our business and has also allowed him to build up a valuable network within the organisation.

Chloe, Law graduate, Feb 2017 intake (Core programme)

Chloe is currently working in the Partnership and Innovation team undertaking numerous projects. This new team’s purpose is to focus on developing products and partnerships to support and shape the future of Admiral within insurance and beyond insurance. So far, Chloe’s main focus has been start-ups and innovation partnerships, as well as automotive partnerships. As part of this, she is currently managing an innovative hydrogen project, and creating multiple research presentations aimed at subject matter experts across the group.  She is also busy developing her financial and business modelling skills and learning more about IT and data. Chloe loves the cross-departmental work that comes with working with this team and how it pushes her to think beyond our current line of businesses.

James, Mathematics graduate, Feb 2017 Intake (Analyst programme)

James has recently finished his first placement in Telematics, where he rewrote reports and answered customer queries.  His second placement is in Acquisition MI, where he produces the incentive leagues for the agents on the phone and has begun to produce reports for other departments within the company.  He has also learnt VBA which has helped him create a new weekly MI pack.

Kendra, Geography graduate, Feb 2017 intake (Core programme)

Kendra started her second placement in September, when she joined the newly established Claims Transformation team, responsible for maintaining Admiral’s market-leading Claims Service. This placement gave Kendra the opportunity to become a Project Manager, similar to her previous role in Renewals. She was supporting an extensive Lean Process Review of the Claims department, alongside managing her own smaller projects. After two months in Transformation, Kendra was asked to join a high-priority, group-wide project. She jumped at the opportunity as it granted her exposure to senior management and experience working on a Gold-rated project. There is a lot of pressure, but she is thriving in the fast-paced environment and is looking forward to the project taking flight in the new year.

Kudz, Business Management graduate, Feb 2017 intake (Core programme)

Kudz spent his first placement working in Household and he is now on his second placement, where he is working as an analyst in claims procurement. This role involves a value stream mapping analysis for claims spend via suppliers, for which Kudz had to map all the claims processes and integrate suppliers within this flow. Kudz has also been working closely with MI to analyze claims data and spend over the past few years to identify areas of the business we can target in 2018. The role also involves attending commercial procurement exercises, externally meeting suppliers and maintaining close relationships. Kudz is really enjoying this role and the opportunity to be out the office and learn about the commercial side of the business, whilst further enhancing his analytical skills.

Sam, International Business graduate, Feb 2017 intake (Core programme)

Sam spent his first placement in Customer Services where he worked as a process analyst conducting an in depth analysis of calls, a review of the No Claims Bonus journey, and overhaul of the queuing system. Sam’s work reduced the potential of a major FCA risk and highlighted the importance of clear, well defined processes. Sam is now working in Loans as a business analyst with a focus on project management. The key project he is working on is the launch of Motor Finance which is a very exciting new product that will enable Admiral’s customers to organise their car finance through Admiral. Loans has been a great learning curve and a department that he feels is only going to go from strength to strength.

Arianne, Theoretical Physics graduate, Sep 2017 intake (Analyst programme)

Arianne is spending her first placement with Management Information developing reports for departments throughout the business. She has improved her understanding of coding and learned three new coding languages. Though she only recently started with MI she has worked on jobs for Customer Assurance, Loans, Car Finance (who don’t exist yet!) and others. Arianne is finding this placement very enjoyable and appreciates the well-rounded view it gives her of the business as well as the chance to help with the Ministry of Fun (MOF).

Ben, Maths graduate, Sept 2017 intake (Analyst programme)

Ben’s first placement is in pricing within the Travel Insurance team. The new travel product hadn’t actually launched when he started, so the first few weeks were largely focused on price testing and ensuring that the front- and backend systems were giving the correct prices for each customer. Alongside this, Ben spent time doing analysis on competitor prices for some of the add-on products that Admiral offer, such as golf and gadget cover. Admiral’s new in-house underwritten travel insurance product has now launched and it was a great experience to be part of the team at such an exciting time. The rest of Ben’s placement is going to be spent analysing sales and claims data to ensure that our Travel Insurance product continues to be priced appropriately.

Brogan, Geography graduate, Sept 2017 intake (Core programme)

Brogan is currently on her first placement in Customer Contact Strategy (CCS), where she’s analysing key themes from SMS survey feedback. These themes will feed into a new Text Analytics tool with the ability to read and categorise SMS responses and customer satisfaction. She is also producing a summary of how Admiral uses the information gathered. The project is a good balance of both qualitative and quantitative research. Brogan is really enjoying the friendly nature of the team and gaining an understanding of all the contact channels throughout Admiral.

Charm, Physics graduate, Sept 2017 intake (Analyst programme)

Charm started her first placement in the Renewals Analytics Team in October. Charm’s first project entailed programming retention triangles, analysing the results and sending weekly updates to the Head of Renewals. She has also been analysing the results of the free wine loyalty campaign to determine the overall impact on retention, the overall cost to the company, and the most successful groups of customers. She is thoroughly enjoying her placement, the responsibilities that come with it, and the speed at which she’s learning and progressing. She has learned a lot about the renewal cycle in general, the trends of different demographics and what affects the company’s retention. Charm has also improved her SQL coding and Excel skills, and has learned how to code in SAS.

Daisy, Maths graduate, Sept 2017 intake (Core programme)

Daisy is currently on her first placement with the Insight Team at, where she is working on several projects. Her main role is heading up the DSAT programme, which involves standardising key metrics across the company, analysing them and presenting them back to the business with useful and actionable insight. She’s also working on an end-to-end project involving both quantitative and qualitative analysis to understand’s home insurance customers better as well as setting up a comprehensive customer satisfaction programme. Alongside these projects, she’s taken over the Driver Insight report and is working with’s Outbound department to streamline the complaints collection process, set up a centralised analysis platform, and help report back and trend key issues with recommendations for improvement.

David, Chemistry PhD graduate, Sep 2017 intake (Core programme)

David is spending his first placement with the Household Claims department, working on a number of projects aimed at improving the efficiency with which claims are handled. He began his placement by undertaking full training as a Claims Handler and spending 2 weeks taking phone calls from customers and dealing with a wide variety of claims. After gaining an appreciation for the current processes, David worked on analysing the performance of pilot projects aimed at greatly reducing the time taken to settle Accidental Damage and Theft claims. He is now also undertaking projects assessing the potential implementation of automation resources to streamline processes such as claims verification and online claims handling.

Emily, Philosophy graduate, Sept 2017 intake (Core programme)

Emily is spending her first placement with the Recruitment Team. She is getting involved in both business-as-usual tasks and upcoming projects within Recruitment. Emily is helping with contact centre recruitment - screening applications, conducting telephone interviews and running meet-and-greets. She is developing her prioritisation skills and becoming more flexible, as she needs to liaise with other departments to effectively cater for their recruitment needs. Emily is also working on various projects to help develop and improve the recruitment process and selection strategy, such as investigating the possibility of psychometric testing and adapting application forms to become more ‘millennial’ friendly. She is excited to be working within an expanding, forward-thinking department and looking forward to seeing how the department grows and develops over the next year. 

Kamilla, International Business graduate, Sept 2017 intake (Core programme)

Kamilla started her first placement in Customer Service where she conducted an extensive customer research analysis. This consisted of comparing Admiral to its main competitors in regards to channels, strategy, service quality, fees, online offering and ancillaries. When this project finished she joined a new group-wide project, working alongside Senior Management throughout the company. The project has given Kamilla the opportunity to explore different aspects of Admiral’s procedures in order to continue to provide great service to our customers, with her main responsibility being to ensure all the governance is documented correctly. She has also enjoyed getting involved in the graduate’s charity initiatives, such as the ‘Christmas Candy Cane Gram’ where the grads sold and delivered candy canes throughout the office to raise money for The Wallich.  

Katie, Psychology graduate, Sep 2017 intake (Core programme)

Katie is on her first placement within the Renewals Training Team where she’ll be developing and implementing a training model which will monitor and minimise risks. She will need to design and implement a tracker which will examine risks and alert the training team if they grow. Katie will also be evaluating how the training team currently manage and react to risks so she can advise on improvements. This project will develop her project management skills, particularly in sourcing and collaborating expert knowledge. Katie also hopes to develop her ability to leverage the resource of others and pivot between tasks in order to deliver an impactful project in a timely manner. Katie is excited to be in such a dynamic department which deals firsthand with Admiral’s customers.

Matthew, Financial Maths graduate, Sept 2017 intake (Analyst programme)

Matt is currently in the Pricing department learning how we calculate our insurance premiums and getting to grips with coding in SAS. He started by answering pricing queries from customers and understanding how the many rating tables work and is now analysing our previous claim statistics to understand how we make changes to our prices. One of the most interesting parts so far for Matt has been the talks from subject area experts - learning why seemingly random variables have such an effect on the risk that a driver poses to us.

Morgan, Maths graduate, Sept 2017 intake (Analyst programme)

Morgan is spending his first placement in the Management Information (MI) department. Morgan has learnt how to use SAS and SQL programming languages since he started in October. Whilst working in MI he has learnt a lot about how important the reports that MI produces are for the business in order for other departments to implement key changes, which in turn will improve the customer journey and ensure that our customers are satisfied. Morgan has already begun to create and change some reports for various departments and this has given him an understanding of the variety of data used across the business.

Sophia, Classics graduate, Sep 2017 intake (Core programme)

Sophia is on her first placement in the Car Access Team (CAT) and is working on a number of different projects in the Operational, Marketing and Product divisions of the team. She has written a report on the Rentecarlo customer journey, worked closely with Claims to review the Claims process, and has collaborated with Outbound to devise a campaign to better understand customers’ appetite for new products. Sophia is enjoying the varied and diverse nature of her role and is excited to develop her knowledge of the products, interact further with other departments throughout the business and build her skill base. She has been struck by how friendly and helpful everyone is here at Admiral and is looking forward to meeting even more people throughout the business in the future.

Lauren, Archaeology graduate, Sept 2017 intake (Analyst programme)

Lauren is on her first placement in Household Pricing, where she is largely working on business-as-usual tasks - answering customer queries and writing reports. Like all the analysts she’s learnt 2 coding languages, SAS and SQL, which has been challenging at times, and has gained a great understanding of household insurance and the range of factors impacting pricing. Lauren is also involved with the development of a new insurance product, which should be launching in the next few months. So far, she has researched the relevant sector, analysed competitor question sets and pricing processes, and updated research from 2015.  It will be really rewarding to see the development and early stages of a new product, not just from a pricing standpoint but also an underwriting and product perspective.

Lisa, Law graduate, Sep 2017 intake (Core programme)

Lisa is spending her first placement on the Travel Insurance Team. She joined in October before the new Travel Insurance product went live, so it’s been a very exciting time. Lisa is really enjoying the chance to see everything that’s needed for a new product to launch. She’s mainly been involved in testing the online customer quote form and the systems used by the agents and reporting any issues to our outsourced systems provider to ensure they are fixed or updated. She also helped with testing the phone lines and checking the mock-ups of the new Travel Insurance pages on the Admiral site. This has been a great way to learn about an up-and-coming product and get to know different people from across the business.

Sophie, History graduate, Sep 2017 intake (Core programme)

Sophie is currently on her first placement working on the multi-channel team within Customer Contact Strategy, implementing a full review of how we engage and service our customers via social media.  Her role has included an assessment of the current tools and processes, collating and analysing key data and identifying the challenges and inefficiencies within this channel with a view to streamline the process. The aim of her project is to improve the customer journey via the various social media channels, improve efficiency in this area and review several social media platform providers. Sophie is enjoying the responsibility to develop and shape our social media strategy and the opportunity to liaise with key stakeholders across the business and build relationships with third party suppliers.


We will be doing our next graduate update in the spring so keep your eyes peeled and have a merry Christmas everyone!