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Chains, Trains and Automobiles!

More than 450 Admiral employees now benefit from cut price train and bus journeys to and from work thanks to our season ticket loan scheme.

Almost 170 of our staff have also got on new bikes for the morning commute with the help of our Bike 2 Work programme.

Claims Salvage Handler Lee Batman has used the rail season ticket for four years to help cut the cost of his commute from Abercynon to Cardiff.

The 37-year-old has worked for Admiral for almost 20 years and said: "It (the transport loan) does help quite a lot as I don’t have to worry about paying to get to work as it is all paid for."

Fraud Handler Victoria Holmes, 30, also uses the rail season ticket and said: "The savings allow me to spend less time reaching into my pocket.

"As the money is taken straight from  my pay I don’t miss it, the daily amount works out at almost half of the price of a full price ticket."

Victoria commutes from Trefforest and has used the season ticket loan for almost three years.

She said: "I place massive importance on the assistance, it saves me money on an expense that is unavoidable."

Brian Martin (pictured below), head of Admiral's Outbound department, has used our Bike 2 Work scheme for the past eight years.

Brian, 47,  praised the scheme and said: "It saves a lot in petrol! I tend to be a fair weather cyclist but when I am cycling regularly I feel much fitter generally and a lot more positive." 

We also run our own internal website for staff looking to save on the cost of commuting through car sharing.

The site allows users to input regular or one off journeys in order to put them in touch with other users also using the same route.

Admiral E Learning Manager Sarah Price lift shares with E Learning Senior Developer Katy Lilley.

Sarah said: "I rent a space in Dumfries Place Car Park in Cardiff through work for £50 a month.

"I car share with Katy and she gives me £30 a month which works out around £1.30 ish a day.

"I pick her up outside her house and drop her home too."

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