Inside Admiral

The People behind the promotions: BDE Law Advanced Case Handler, Dewi

Dewi joined Admiral in July 2016 as a Case Handler for Admiral’s law firm, BDE Law. As a Case Handler, Dewi would assist customers who had been injured as a result of a car accident and progress and settle their claims.

Dewi spent time in a number of teams within BDE Law experiencing the different aspects of claims before being promoted to Advanced Case Handler last month.

‘’It was great experiencing various departments; I got to spend time in the liability admitted and Liability disputed areas and I even got to run training sessions for new starters on how to successfully run cases, ensuring files are all in order and ready to progress to court at any time.

‘’My new role as an Advanced Case Handler is fairly similar role to my previous role, but it’s more of a recognition for being a competent Case Handler but my case load now includes more complaint cases and more advanced and technical cases, which need more time. I also have more authority to value complex cases in terms of injuries.’’

We asked Dewi why he thinks he secured the role of Advanced case handler.

‘’I think it was a mix of a high standard of work in my files, good client feedback and my performance in terms of stats, we are measured on things such as billing and offers, etc.

‘’I really enjoy my role, it’s a nice environment to work in, it’s friendly and sociable. As I’ve always been keen to progress, management have given me cases and roles which have prepped me for progression the whole time. I’ve always been interested in law and enjoy getting results for clients and seeing cases from start to finish, knowing that I’ve had an impact on the final result.’’

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